Poetry Out Loud #9

Poetry Out Loud #9 front cover
Poetry Out Loud #9 back cover
Poetry Out Loud #9 side 1

Poetry Out Loud #9 finds Peter and Patricia Harleman on themselves, in a self-sufficient set-up where Peter produced the recordings, Patricia designed the cover and both performed the poetry and music. As a consequence, their sound poetry appears more intimate than on other P.O.L. issues and the LP almost serves as a kind of sound diary. As always, though, the pseudo-shamanism of hand drums and small percussion combines with the hypnotic effect of echo pedal to underline the obsessive incantations of the poems. Totally unique.

01 Peter Harleman Trance (3:49)
02 The Harlemans Take a Sip of Me (1:39)
03 Peter Harleman If I Told You (2:29)
04 The Harlemans It Wasn’t Easy (4:27)
05 The Harlemans Fear For my Body (5:07)
06 The Harlemans I Give My Body to the Drums (3:23)
07 Peter Harleman I Forgot Your Name (2:04)
08 The Harlemans Nothing To Say (3:18)
09 The Harlemans I Am (2:32)
10 The Harlemans Curing (5:38)

Total time 34:20
LP released by Out Loud Productions, St Louis, Mo, 1975


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1 Response to “Poetry Out Loud #9”

  1. 1 Max Schneider November 16, 2012 at 11:49 pm

    Could you repost the Poetry Out Loud albums? They’re so great!

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