[September 5, 2011]

The image in the header shows choreographer Joseph Nadj, from his film Dernier Paysage, or Last Landscape, shot in his native Vojvodina in 2005.

The background image is an ecological and architectural proposal by Californian design studio MATSYS for Horseshoe Cove in the San Francisco Bay, 2009.

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[January 2, 2011:]

The picture in the header above is from a drawing found on the web. The quote in Czech (Kmotřenka, zakoncertovala si také !) means: Come, neighbour, make a little music!, according to the libretto of the Supraphon 2xCD set of The Cunning Little Vixen (Příhody Lišky Bystroušky), a Leoš Janáček opera premiered 1924, where a Cricket (Act I) chats with various animals in the neighbourhood:

Cricket: Come, neighbour, make a little music!
Grasshoper: I only hope you won’t mind my old-fashioned trills, neighbour.

The bats drawings in the sidebar come from an online doctoral thesis from the Göteborg University’s Zoology Department, 2003, titled Vision in Echolocating Bats by Johan Eklöf, with illustrations by Olof Helje.

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[January 2, 2010:]

The picture in the header in 2010 was from an Allison Schulnik painting titled ‘Three Girls’. Visit the official website of the Los Angeles painter for more mind blowing pictures.

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[October 1, 2009:]

We agreed on a new partnership with Ubuweb creator Kenneth Goldsmith, joining our efforts to archive on Ubu some of the relevant releases appearing on Continuo’s. Kenneth kindly offered unlimited disc space on the Ubuweb servers, allowing permanent availability to my sound files. As far as I’m concerned, Ubu made a decisive move late 2007, archiving the  entire Tellus tapes series.

Consequently, in the future, a portion of my posts will have sound files available directly on Ubu, while pictures and information will be hosted on Continuo’s as usual.  The symbol below will signal such joint-releases:

In conjunction with Ubuweb

I guess the possibility to get rid of the burden of download services shall not be missed and consider this opportunity as allowing wider recognition for some of the artists championed on this blog for the past 2 years.

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[January 2009:]

Continuo’s weblog was launched in September 2007 inspired by rare and forgotten music posted on obscure blogs all over the world. During the January 2009 re-vamping, the blog lost its original tagline: ‘Reassessed aural delicacies’, though I’ve stayed true to the motto ever since. By reassessing I mean informative and argumented writing helping re-acquaint the reader with the original context when+where the work was originaly issued.

In November 2007 I started documenting Tellus tapes, offering sound files and information on the legendary series. During the following month I was contacted by an UbuWeb editor who offered to archive the series on Ubu, adding their own rips as well. From that point on, Ubu took the habit of hosting some of my posts on their UbuWeb Sound section – sometimes failing to mention the original writer, though ;)

Continuo was quoted in The Wire magazine’s January 2009 issue, admitedly in the readers letters’ section. At the same time, the blog was included in Simon Reynolds‘ favorite blogs list – he’s the music critic who launched the ‘post-rock’ tag in the 1990s, no less. Generally speaking, I’m pretty happy with the blog’s feedback. Many bloggers re-post or mirror my own posts, helping increase the audience and credibility.

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The green photograph in the header is from Erwin Redl’s installation Matrix II, Los Angeles, 2005.


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