Doyen/Lasry ‘Poèmes dits par Jacques Doyen’

Doyen/Lasry LP front coverDoyen/Lasry LP back coverJacques Doyen, French TV, 1967Doyen/Lasry side A

01 François Villon ‘La Ballade Des Pendus’ (3:20)
02 Edgar Poe ‘Annabel-Lee’ (4:20)
03 Jean Cocteau ‘Batterie’ (2:25)
04 Frederico Garcia-Lorca ‘La Femme Infidèle’ (3:02)
05 Colette ‘Nonoche’ (4:30)
06 Guillaume Apollinaire ‘Gui Chante Pour Lou’ (1:30)
07 Walt Whitman ‘Chant De La Grand’ Route’ (2:20)
08 Pierre Emmanuel ‘Je Sais’ (2:12)
09 Luc Bérimont ‘Un Feu Vivant’ (2:50)
10 Charles Vildrac ‘Visite’ (4:49)
11 René Barjavel ‘Farendol’ (2:42)
12 Paul Eluard ‘Le Dit De La Force De L’amour’ (1:35)
13 Henri-François Rey ‘Le Rachdingue’ (3:31)

Jacques Doyen: voice
Jacques Lasry: Structures Sonores Baschet

Total time 39:40
LP released by Disques Alvarès, ref. C 475, France, ca 1972-75

Poetry reading by legendary raconteur Jacques Doyen, famous for his recordings with Jac Berrocal in the 1980s. Half of the tracks have musical accompaniment by Jacques Lasry, a Baschet brothers collaborator playing some of the Structures Sonores – the Crystal immediately recognizable on tracks #2, 4 and 5. The music reaches sublime heights on the latter, the haunting, hallucinatory ‘Nonoche’, yet Colette’s poem is almost comical, telling the story of an old, battered cat calling for the female ‘Nonoche’, no less old, to meet him in the woods, leaving her little kitty alone. The tone reminds of Thomas Hardy’s poem ‘Ah, Are You Digging On My Grave?’[+]. Elsewhere, particularly on the Gothic Edgar Poe poem, Lasry’s insidious, louche tonalities perfectly fit the Decadent, dubious tone of some of these turn of the century poems. 4 of them (Villon, Edgar Poe, Garcia Lorca and Cocteau) already appeared on Doyen+Lasry’s first disc, a 1957 released 7” single – fellow mp3 blogger Airform Archives posted some mp3s. The versions on this LP include new recordings with better sound quality. Another blog, Alice Rabbit, posted a 1966 LP worth checking out. Note: my copy of ‘Poèmes dits par Jacques Doyen’ is almost free of clicks. The noticeable tape hiss comes from the recording technology, not from background LP noise.


Jacques Doyen’s discography:
w/Jacques Lasry, 7”, Ducretet-Thomson 460 V 316
w/Jacques Lasry ‘Poésie à mi-voix’, LP, Barclay 88006s
1968 Jacques Doyen ‘Récital de poésie’, LP, BAM La Fine Fleur #06
1972 w/Jacques Bertin ‘Claire’, LP, BAM
ca 1972-75 w/Jacques Bertin ‘Chansons et poemes’, LP, Alvares C 470
ca 1972-75 w/Jacques Lasry ‘Contes de la Cinquieme Saison’, LP, Alvares C 472
ca 1972-75 w/Jacques Lasry ‘Poèmes Dits Par Jacques Doyen’, LP, Disques Alvarès C 475
1982 w/Jacques Lasry, LP, Structures Sonores,

Doyen appears on:
1983 Jac Berrocal & Jacques Doyen ‘Sacré !’ (Allen Ginsberg) on ‘Paris Tokyo’ cassette, Tago Mago
1997 Jac Berrocal & Jacques Doyen ‘Sacré !’ (Allen Ginsberg) on ‘Fatal Encounters’ CD, Megaphone Records
2004 Jac Berrocal & Jacques Doyen ‘L’union Libre’ (rec 1985) on ‘Prière’, 10” vinyl, Alga Marghen

2 Responses to “Doyen/Lasry ‘Poèmes dits par Jacques Doyen’”

  1. 1 luxure July 24, 2009 at 8:58 am

    pas le temps d’écouter ça
    bon je retourne sur le terrain de rugby alors

  2. 2 ireneadler January 26, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    Où peut on acheter le disque ?

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