Jon Rose ‘Vivisection’

'Vivisection' LP front coverJon Rose's instruments'Vivisection' LP back cover'Vivisection' side A

01 Paganini’s Surgery (2:42)
02 Exit Dance (3:18)
03 Budapest In Flames (2:24)
04 First Cut (3:19)
05 The Believers Part 1 & 2 (6:26)
06 Open Wounds (2:51)
07 Another CD Accident (1:27)
08 Transfusion (3:02)
09 Madonna And Child (7:31)
10 Do The Razor Blade (:38)
11 Amazing Cage (6:32)
12 Panic Button (1:16)
13 Taking A String For A Walk (3:59)
14 Straight Batting-Bowing (3:21)

Total time 48:40
LP released by Aufruhr Records #67013, Germany, 1987

Jon Rose: violin, 19-string cello, amplified bow, cello, door apparatus, multi violin/string frame construction, 2-string pedalboard, trapezoidal viola, cello/violin combination instrument, megaphone 1/2 size violin
Laetitia Royackers
: guitar (#7)
Alvin Curran: piano, electronics (#11)
Elke Schipper: voice (#14)
John Jacobs: mixing (#14)

‘Vivisection’ showcases Australian violinist Jon Rose‘s skills for instrument building and unique creativity with stringed instruments. This LP alone includes such oddities as: 2-string pedalboard, 5-string trapezoidal viola, 8-string double neck violin, 19-string violoncello, megaphone 1/2 size violin, amplified bow, walking string, ‘Der Hund’ Geiger (a violin on legs you play like walking a dog), ‘Madonna and Child’ (a cello with a violin on its chest). The array of instruments is vast and reminds Pierre Bastien’s ‘Mecanium’ LP (ADN, 1988), the latter including many violins and cellos, either automatas or manually activated. So ‘Vivisection’ is a mix of Raw Art impetus and instrument building creativity, to which Jon Rose adds an incredible attention to sound crafting and sonic details in the form of: extraneous noises, musique concrète parts, close miking zooms, special tunings, etc. The LP’s baffling sound quality (German pressing, see what I mean?) encourages attentive listening, as if with electroacoustic music. Note Lucky posted some Jon Rose’s Fringes Benefit rare cassettes from the early 1980s.



3 Responses to “Jon Rose ‘Vivisection’”

  1. 2 Ben Harper July 31, 2009 at 12:53 am

    Thanks for sharing, this is great. Jon Rose blew my mind nearly 25 years ago when I heard his radio program The Anatomy Of The Violin, which included the last two tracks on this record.

  2. 3 continuo July 31, 2009 at 5:13 am

    I should have mentioned this Taking A String For A Walk track, one of the mind-blowing numbers on this LP. Thanks for dropping by.

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