Les Mysteres Des Voix Vulgaires (1990)


  1. Rhythm Activism ‘The Black Flag’ (2:27)
    Norman Nawrocki: vocals
    Dem Stink: percussion
  2. André Duchesne ‘God Economy’ (7:06)
    André Duchesne: voice and guitar
    Jean Derome: flutes & choir
    René Lussier: bass clarinet & vocals
    Benoit Fauteux: 2nd voice
  3. Christoph Gallio ‘Controlled Love Songs 1 & 2′ (3:41)
    Christoph Gallio: saxophone
  4. Gigi Masin/Wind ‘Almanac’ (2:31)
    Gigi Masin: keyboards
    Alessandro Monti: vocals, electric bass
    Alessandro Pizzin: keyboards
  5. Kulu Hatha Mamnua ‘Kulu Hatha Mamnua’ (4:50)
    Fizzè: arrangements & production
    Gilles-V. Rieder: percussion
    Cédric Vuille: clarinet
    Marie Schwaab: violin
    Daniel Brunner: trombone
  6. Peeni Waali ‘Peeni Waali (Version)’ (3:36)
    Fizzè: bass, panflutes, sanzas, percussion
    Gilles-V. Rieder: balafon, percussion
    Cédric Vuille: clarinet
  7. André Duchesne ‘Emlak’ (8:28)
    André Duchesne: voice and guitar
    René Lussier: drums
    Pierre St.-Jak: electric piano
    Pierre Cartier: bass
  8. David Moss ‘Language Linkage’ (5:11)
    David Moss: voice & percussion
  9. Mark Howell ‘Big Footed Man’ (5:35)
    Mark Howell: electric guitar & voice
    Tony Maimone: bass
    June Dunaway: classical guitar & vocal harmony
    David Shea: voice-percussion (beat box)
  10. Judas 2 ‘Four Faces of Two Faces’ (3:00)
    Pete Wright and Penny Cullen: instruments & vocals
  11. Barbarie Légère ‘Moloko’ (3:50)
    Guigou Chenevier: drums and percussion
    Guy Sapin: baritone guitar
    Yves Ranchon: guitar
  12. Eugene Chadbourne ‘Big John Loved His Dick’ (3:44)
    Eugene Chadbourne: guitar & vocals
    Elliot Sharp: dobro
    Allan Bishop: bass
    Charles Gaucher: drums
  13. Kulu Hatha Mamnua ‘Cuisine’ (4:06)
    Fizzè and Pascal Cuche: kitchen tools
  14. Gigi Masin/Wind ‘Valentine’ (2:21)
    Gigi Masin: piano & vocals
    Alessandro Monti: electric bass
    Alessandro Pizzin: keyboards
  15. Christoph Gallio ‘Controlled Love Songs 3 to 6′ (6:20)
    Christoph Gallio: saxophone

A benefit for anarchist italian magazine ‘A/Rivista Anarchica’, this gorgeous compilation of avant rock tracks has so many big names it’s hard to know where to begin with! Released by milanese Divergo label – also responsible for the compilation ‘F/Ear this!’ – this cassette gathers tracks from avant-rockers from Canada, the US, France, Italy, England and Switzerland. The title is an obvious pun on ‘Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares’, the ubiquitous all female bulgarian choir marketed by british label 4AD in the 1980s. Information in italian on this release can be found here.

I was totally blown away by Québec guitarist André Duchesne‘s two tracks. The first one, ‘God Economy’, is a hilarious diatribe against capitalism sung in french, with expert contributions by fellow musicians René Lussier and Jean Derome. The 2nd one, ‘Emlak’, is quite simply an EA Poe’s poem read backwards – actually, Duchesne’s rendition of it from a tape run backwards. The result is fascinating, thanks to Duchesne’s hability to add drama to his singing and to guest players’ creative input, for what is an almost gothic piece of music. Kulu Hatha Mamnua gathers several legendary avant-rock Swiss luminaries like Débile Menthol’s Gilles-V. Rieder and L’Ensemble Rayé’s Cédric Vuille, under the dark wind of the mysterious Fizzè, also active under the name ‘Peeni Waali’. Both Kulu Hatha Mamnua tracks were featured on their 1986 LP of the same name. The David Moss track is great, including spoken words and extraneous noises in addition to Moss’ vocalizations. Barbarie Légère was a french band with members of Etron Fou Leloublan and various Guigou Chenevier collaborators. The two Gigi Masin tracks are beautiful ambient romantic songs on keyboards. Italian Gigi Masin made an LP with Charles Hayward.

32pp booklet included in PDF format.


3 Responses to “Les Mysteres Des Voix Vulgaires (1990)”

  1. 1 Marco Pandin March 14, 2008 at 8:47 am

    Ciao! Just a few lines to say thank you for this kind review. The “Voix vulgaires” series (two CD’s and a cassette tape, released between 1990 and 1997) was edited and put out by myself as a fund raising initiative in support of A/Rivista Anarchica magazine. The idea behind the project is to follow alternative paths in contemporary popular songs. As the first and only run was soon gone, I am looking forward to re-release in 2009 the “Voix vulgaires” series in CD format, plus bonus outtakes. Also “F/Ear this!” will be re-released in 2009 in CD format, plus bonus outtakes and a reprint of the original booklet (also with some collages and mail-artworks which were not used then). Homemade CD-R copies of “Voix #1” and “Voix #2” are still available for a free offer. Since 1986 I have edited and released a number of LP’s, cassette tapes, booklets, CD’s and DVD’s (all at a low price) in support of A/Rivista Anarchica magazine; a list of titles is available on stella*nera webpages at http://www.anarca-bolo.ch.

  2. 2 continuo March 14, 2008 at 7:56 pm

    Thanks, Marco. This is indeed good news if your compilations are going to be reissued. I’ll sure check the website you indicated. Thanks for visiting.

  3. 3 r2d2 October 14, 2011 at 5:36 am

    reupload pls

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