Tomoo Gokita and The Waf ‘The Album of The Album (1st)’

Above: cover sticker, b&w drawing from
liner notes, two Devo memorabilia,
a strange painting by Shintaro Sakamoto

01 Amauteur Hours (1:20)
02 Katsuo (0:32)
03 Shagame (2:39)
04 Indoor Games (1:37)
05 Outcall Ivon ~ The Days of Nekomachi (3:12)
06 Bazooms (3:16)
07 All Alone (0:42)
08 Multiplica Orgasmoza (4:18)
09 Leg Parade (1:21)
10 Crow On My Head (2:38)
11 Jessica Fo (2:16)
12 JJ Rap (0:57)
13 Tear Fear (0:51)
14 Fox Fire (1:42)
15 Silver Canyons (1:44)
16 11 Pank (3:56)
17 Groom (5:04)
Total time: 38:00
Book & CD released 2005

Clothing brand Beams T funded this luxurious release of some of Tomoo Gokita‘s drawings along several japanese guests artists. Tomoo (born Tokyo, 1969) is a visual artist reknown for his charcoal drawings and for some of his weird DJ sets as DJ Manji. The 124pp book offers a selection of drawings from fellow japanese artists and a 20 page-long chapter devoted to archive visual material by US band Devo (2 pictures included above). Mothersbaugh also contributed to one track on the CD (the strange Multiplica Orgasmoza #8, with it’s bleak atmosphere and distorted, speeded up voices). The music is great fun, a mix of Stock,, Hausen & Walkman and Maher Shalal Hash Baz, if you’re familiar. That is, some weirdo folk songs collating with perverse electronic mixes & drum machine, by amateur musicians. Sounds include a tin can gamelan orchestra, electric guitar, depressing country numbers, a Star Spangled Banner on trombone, tack piano, field recordings (mostly, in pubs), etc. The last 2 tracks are more ambient affairs, with electronic ambient sounds and alt-country guitar-style to end the CD on a peaceful note. Tomoo Gokita is said to make some of his music using cassette players, but I don’t think this is the case here – though the sound is pretty bad sometimes. At times totally hilarious, at times poetic, this is a very pleasant recording by an original artist. He should definitely give up the guitar, though.



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