Various – Feedback #001

Various - Feedback #001 LP front cover
Various - Feedback #001 LP back cover
Various - Feedback #001 LP lado 1

Published in 1990, the Feedback #001 anthology blends post-punk and anarcho-punk bands like K4 Quadrado Azul, C.I.A. neto or Censurados, avant-rock acts like Ocaso Épico or Neon Hippies with experimental tracks by the likes of Microbio Cosmico, Hesskhé Yadalanah, VSS200 RX21, or Psicotrão. These bands were part of a burst of creativity in the Portuguese independent music scene circa 1988-91, when Telectu were at the peak of their international career, and with the releases of Nuno Canavarro’s Plux Quba (1988), Nuno Rebelo’s Sagração Do Mês De Maio (1989), Osso Exótico’s debut LP (1990), Vítor Rua’s Vidya compilation LP (1991) or Miguel Santos’ legendary Johnny Blue compilations in 1991, to name but a few major acts in the field of experimental music. Apparently, at that time, Portuguese record labels weren’t strictly genre-bound – i.e. punk band Censurados’s 1st LP was scheduled on Ama Romanta, the label which had just released the Nuno Canavarro LP – the disc eventually appeared on El Armadillo. This kind of open-mindedness is palpable on Feedback #001, with, for intance, Ocaso Épico’s tape loops+spoken words on #5 and rock song ala Reynaldo and the Loaf on #6, or the bass-driven post rock ala Rothko/Tortoise of Neon Hippies. Feedback #001 celebrates a certain Portuguese D.I.Y. and Anarchist ethos ca.1990 with a hand-made cover artwork, a zine-like, xeroxed booklet and the absence of a record label – indeed, the rarity of this disc testifies to the limited circulation and distribution it had at the time of its release.

01 K4 Quadrado AzulJardineiro (4:45)
02 C.I.A. netoHomem Moderno (1:46)
03 C.I.A. netoAjude a Policia (1:38)
04 Microbio CosmicoZippy e a Electricidade na Terra dos Sonhos programados (4:03)
05 Ocaso ÉpicoEntre Barreiras (1:33)
06 Ocaso ÉpicoD. Suzette (3:36)
07 Neon HippiesMetalic Rattle of the Tender
+ Song for Helicopteres on Sunset (3:32)
08 The New Hard Noise Heavy Rock Cyber Speed
Sonic Metal Punk Acid Sound
– s/t (2:27)
09 CensuradosSenhores Politicos (3:41)
10 CensuradosNão Vale Nada (2:50)
11 K4 Quadrado AzulTudo é Meu (3:14)
12 Hesskhé YadalanahLeukôstomé (4:48)
13 VSS200 RX21Interferências em Sub-Etha (2:39)
14 PsicotrãoFeedback (2:22)

Total time 42:50
Self-released LP, Portugal, 1990


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