Werner Kaegi – Von Sinuston zur elektronischen Musik

Von Sinuston zur elektronischen Musik 7in front cover
Von Sinuston zur elektronischen Musik 7in back cover
Von Sinuston zur elektronischen Musik 7in booklet (1)
Von Sinuston zur elektronischen Musik 7in booklet (2)
Von Sinuston zur elektronischen Musik 7in seite A

Released in 1971 by Swiss electronic music composer Werner Kaegi, born 1926 (for more info on Kaegi, see my Wikipedia article), this disc and accompanying 12pp booklet summarize the technique and recent trends in electronic music making c.1970. Subtitled Eine Einführung in die Technik der elektronischen Musik (An introduction to electronic music technique), Von Sinuston zur elektronischen Musik (From sine wave to electronic music) is an electronic music Hörbeispiele (sound examples), like similar releases from Pierre Schaeffer, Herbert Brün, Herbert Eimert, John R. Pierce, IRCAM, or the Austin Electronic Music Center.

♫  The disc features verbal explanations of basic principles like sine wave, white noise, sound synthesis or modulation plus sound examples from oscillators, computers and digital sound processing, while the booklet itself includes additional explanations, diagrams and an electronic music chronology, starting in 1859 with Von Helmholtz and ending in 1960 with John Cage/David Tudor’s live electronic music. Sound examples are sourced from three electronic music studios: Bell Laboratories (USA), Centre de Recherches Sonores (Switzerland) and Institute of Sonology (The Netherlands). Excerpts from the following Kaegi compositions are included: Kyoto, Thai Clarinet, Hydrophonie I and Illumination Expo ’70 Osaka, all dating from 1969-70. An excerpt from Jean-Claude Risset’s Little Boy, 1969, is also included.

Von Sinuston zur elektronischen Musik:
01 Seite I (7:06)
02 Seite II (7:50)

Total time 14:56
7-inch released by Verlag “Der Electroniker”, Aarau/Stuttgart, Switzerland, 1971


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2 Responses to “Werner Kaegi – Von Sinuston zur elektronischen Musik”

  1. 1 Acousmata July 21, 2011 at 7:24 pm

    Ah, brilliant! It’s been too long since I’ve visited. You never disappoint, Continuo.

  2. 2 continuo July 21, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    Glad to see you back! I thought this would be something for you, indeed.

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