Continuumix #9

Continuumix #9 - Musique innocente

Continuumix #9 – Musique innocente
Mix by Continuo
Photograph by Gordon Tenney from a Life magazine article titled The Struggle to speak in a Silent World, on New York’s Lexington School for the Deaf, early 1960s.
Total time 51:02

/     /     /     /     /     T   R   A   C   K   L   I   S   T     /     /     /     /     /

Paul Hindemith
Wir bauen eine Stadt, published by Eterna, DDR, 1957. A play for children, We’re Building a City was composed for piano and voices in 1930. Here are several excerpts from East Germany’s Eterna label 1957 version for orchestra. Children choir from Leipzig with instrumental ensemble under the direction of Hans Sandig.

Vernon ElliottIvor the Engine (several excerpts) 1958. Music for the children television program by Oliver Postgate, 1958-1977. Music by composer and bassoonist Vernon Elliott. From the Trunk Records LP, UK, 2007.

Peter Janssens Das weite Meer, from the Ich suche einen sinn heraus LP, Peter Janssens Musik Verlag, Germany, 1975. Peter Janssens (1934-1998) was a German composer of film, stage and children music, fondly remembered today for his Christian rock albums with great backing band including fine guitarist Gerd Geerken. As befits a Christian rock LP, the album’s title means: I’m looking for meaning.

Denis TaguRitournelle Grenouillesque. Background music for a website dedicated to obscure French writer Jean-Pierre Brisset. Tagu is a founding member of Hellebore and Toupidek Limonade and the director of music label In-Poly-Sons.

Y Stand DruffD’Stainlemer from the Y Strand Druff LP, HBL, Switzerland, 1968. Recordings from the 1968 Basler Fasnacht or carnival with comedy and various drums+fifes orchestras or cliques (Schnitzellbangg, Central Club, Barbara Club, etc) playing the Guggenmusik.

MummenschanzDie Schöne und der biest (The Beauty and the Beast). From YouTube video. Drum sounds by unidentified drummer accompanying one of the Swiss duo‘s mime plays. See official Mummenschanz website.

HornrohAdieu O(H) W(Eh), from Zirp, CD, MGB, Switzerland, 2002. Swiss quartet from Basel who brought the ancestral, pastoral alphorn into avantgarde territory. See official website.

Werner Kaegi Vom Sinuston Zur Elektronischen Musik, 7”, Verlag Der Elektroniker, Switzerland, 1971. Swiss electronic music composer Werner Kaegi, born 1926, studied with Paul Hindemith. He was one of the key figures of the Utrecht Instituut voor Sonologie where he recorded many electroacoustic pieces. He conceived the music for the Swiss pavilion at Osaka world expo, 1970.

Marran GosovFerne Nahe, from the Vocoding Life/Psycho-Akustik LP, published by Kuckuck, West Germany, 1980. Film director and film music composer Marran Gosov was born in Bulgaria in 1933, but made his career in Germany – see also his official website. Sound file from Japanese record seller Organic Music.

Dieter Süverkrüp und Wolfgang DaunerFließbandlied I, from Das Auto Blubberbum, Verlag Pläne GmbH, Dortmund, West Germany, 1976. A play for children by German composer Dieter Süverkrüp, also including German free jazz musicians Wolfgang Dauner, Albert Mangelsdorff and Eberhard Weber. In this excerpt, Dauner is on synth with singer Inge Brandenburg as Ella.

Hans Werner HenzePollicino, CD, Wergo, Germany, 2003. Several excerpts from an opera for children written in 1979-80 for the children of Montepulciano in Italy, near the place where Henze was living.  On this 2003 version, a German choir and young students from various Berlin music schools are directed by Jobst Liebrecht.

Holger Hiller & Thomas FehlmanIch bin ein Schaffner, from Wir bauen eine Stadt, Ata Tak cassette, 1981 (Gagarin LP reissue, Germany, 2006). Electronic realization of Hindemith’s children opera.

Henri GhysAir Louis XIII – Amaryllis. From Look, Listen and Sing volume 1, CBS Records, USA, 1977. a series of classical music recordings for the classroom and dance workshops. Anonymous arrangement for guitar, bass and electric organ of a melody attributed to Louis XIII, King of France, popularized by Henry Ghys as a piano piece in the 19th century. Ghys (1839-1908) was a French composer and music teacher whose many students included Maurice Ravel.

Wolfgang MüllerIch hab sie gesehen, excerpt from Mit Wittgenstein In Krisuvík LP, A-musik, Germany, 2003. A collection of twenty-two Elf songs inspired to Wolfgang Müller (of Die Tödliche Doris fame) by Icelandic medium Erla Stefánsdóttir and Wittgenstein’s stay in Iceland in 1913.

Sonic Rush Bomber Barbara, from the soundtrack to the Nintendo DS TRAX game, Japan, 2005 (from unofficial website). Composed by a ‘Sonic Team’ including such musicians as Hideki Naganuma and Teruhiko Nakagawa .

The Yip Yips, of Sesame Street fame. From their vintage classics The Computer and The Clock.

Herbert EimertMusik und sprache, an excerpt from Einführung in die Eletronische Musik, Wergo, West Germany, 1963, as posted earlier.

.     .     .     .

Below: some of the records used

Paul Hindemith - Wir bauen eine StadtVernon Elliott - Ivor the Engine
Peter Janssens - Ich suche einen sinn herausY Stand Druff
Werner Kaegi - Vom Sinuston Zur Elektronischen MusikMarran Gosov - Vocoding Life / Psycho-Akustik
Dieter Süverkrüp und Wolfgang Dauner - Das Auto BlubberbumHans Werner Henze - Pollicino
Wolfgang Müller - Mit Wittgenstein In KrisuvíkSonic Rush Adventure - Bomber Barbara

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8 Responses to “Continuumix #9”

  1. 1 jan April 18, 2011 at 11:04 am

    Wonderful! I’ll try this out on my kids.

  2. 2 Lannie Lachance April 18, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    Hi I like this article and it was so informational and I am gonna bookmark it. One thing to say the Indepth pathology this description has is greatly remarkable. No one goes that extra mile these days? Bravo!! Just one more tip you can get a Translator for your Worldwide Readers !!!

  3. 3 Zepelim April 18, 2011 at 4:19 pm


    wonderful mix!

  4. 4 Carlos Eguiguren April 22, 2011 at 3:30 am

    me encanta señor continuo, Great job!!

  5. 5 Pictagoras April 26, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    Hurrah! A new Continuumix! Great rejoicing!

  6. 6 Ben April 27, 2011 at 1:14 pm

    Great mix! Played it for some friends and they kept asking “what is this? This is cool!”

  7. 7 O April 18, 2012 at 10:19 pm

    can you please please please re-upload on mirrorcreator? pleeeaase?
    Thank you!

  8. 8 continuo April 19, 2012 at 9:56 pm

    See the 2012 re-ups page.

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