Etienne Brunet Trio ‘Boubou-Smoking’

01 Sans Arrêt, Même (3:37)
02 Va-Et-Vient (2:25)
03 Boubou-Smoking (6:43)
04 Néon Jungle, Dénudée (4:42)
05 Un Dimanche Bleu (3:45)
06 Rue Nationale, Vite (2:46)
07 Divertissement (1:30)
Total time: 25:25
Cassette released 1985 on french label Tago Mago

Etienne Brunet: saxophones
Pierre Bastien: bass & guitar
Jean-Pierre Bedoyan: drums & guitar

Etienne Brunet was a founding member of legendary french free jazz band Axolotl in 1979 (with Marc Dufourd and Jacques Oger). After the trio parted in 1984, he started a carreer as leader of various groups, including the delicious Etienne Brunet Trio with Pierre Bastien and Jean-Pierre Bedoyan. Their sound is totally mid-1980s, dry, cold, robotic. Bastien is controlling his mecaniums playing various basses and guitars, producing a unique sound for a jazz trio. Some of the guitars must have rubber bands, I guess, from the weird sounds they produce. Plus he gets totally funky on the last track with a deep bass pounding. The music is very lively, a collection of gentle jazz miniatures (art brut?). The drummer is versatile enough, sometimes leaving his drum kit for table top guitar or assorted percussion. An exquisite addition to the Pierre Bastien discography.


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  1. 1 anacronista May 3, 2008 at 12:13 pm

    thank you continuo!

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