All Chemix Radio ctd (2/3)

Willem De Ridder & Enno Velthuys

01 Willem De Ridder & Enno Velthuys (29:48)

This is a personal mix of a De Ridder radio talk for TypeRadio and Enno Velthuys ‘A Glimpse Of Light’ cassette as posted by the ‘No longer forgotten music’ blog.

The Willem De Ridder is an episode (broadcasted November 29th, 2005) on podcast radio TypeRadio, a program on type & design for designers located in the Hague. De Ridder delivers a speech/lecture in english on letters of the alphabet and their symbollic and mythic meanings (mostly, sexual). You can listen to all 3 episodes here.

The cassette was released mid-1980s on the Exart Cassette label run by All Chemix Radio and FNTC colaborator Hessel Veldman. Both Velthuys and Veldman featured on the All Chemix radioplays series. ‘A glimpse of light’ is quiet and beautiful ambient electronic music.

Obviously, I wanted to emulate something of the All Chemix Radio flavor with this mix, but of course it’s far more simple and straightforward. Still, I’m pretty happy with the result, considering it’s my first mix ever. I hope people will forgive me this little forgery.

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