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Thomas Fiancette ‘Bricolages’ (2002)



Young musician from the south of France. Beautiful disc of cute music using guitar, toy piano, drums, clarinet, flute, violin, etc.

01 Peplum (0’35)
02 Martiens sur Mars (0’33)
03 Samedi (2’15)
04 Okinawa (3’29)
05 Vapeurs (1’06)
06 Forêt (1’54)
07 A Okinawa (1’22)
08 Départ d’automne (2’38)
09 Forest? (1’45)
10 Prélude au nain (0’53)
11 Symptôme d’empoisonnement (1’36)
12 Romance à la gnou (3’38)
13 Cher Robert (1’12)
14 19200 en 1995 (7’12)
15 A Praha (6’26)
16 My girl (1’45)


Relax Ay Voo Relax 008 CDr, 2002

Philippe Cauvin ‘Memento’ LP (1984)

LP cover

1 – Chanson Facile D’Amour (3’58)
2 – Comme Un Miroir D’Echo (2’57)
3 – Coeur (1’55)
4 – Jeu D’Enfant (1’36)
5 – Transe En Danse (2’43)
6 – Pour Un Recueillement (2’55)
7 – Air D’Elle (3’13)
8 – Automne (22’25)


After ‘Climage’ (1981), ‘Memento’ (1984) is the second solo album from the former guitarist/leader of Uppsala, a french band from Bordeaux, blending avantgarde songwriting with progressive elements. Philippe Cauvin also had a track on ‘Douze Pour Un’, a compilation LP by AYAA discs, France, 1982.

Cauvin’s delicate classical guitar is prominent throughout with some ocassional guest contributions (including Serge Korjanevski) on synth, triangle or percussion. But the striking ingredient is Cauvin’s voice, a falsetto giving his music a unique touch. The poetry of his music and singing is obvious, as well as the beauty of his songwriting.

Some of the tracks were commissioned for dance performances.

The LP has been reissued on Musea Records in France with additionnal tracks. This is a rip from the original LP.

V/a ‘Soundscape’ CD (2007)

‘Soundscape: Ecology, Luxury, Degradation’. Compiled by David Toop

magazine spread

Here’s a CD compiled by David Toop for italian magazine Uovo, issue 14, September 2007. The magazine itself is a 500p book of mostly environmental concerns and beautiful pictures. Their webpage.

The CD features unrealeased tracks of field recordings with as few as possible editings or treatment, and the result is very good.


The .rar file includes scans of cover and spread page+Toop’s own blurb for the project.


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