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Programme ‘Bogue+Génération finale’, 2001-2004

Programme ‘Bogue’, CD 2004

01. Plus fort / je veux trop / étranger (6:19)
02. Ce serait trop long à expliquer / dis-le / Fiction et réalité (8:07)
03. Mon geste / Lundi (7:57)
(total: 22:24)

line up
Arnaud Michniak: words, voice & music
Damien Bétous: guitar & programing
Additional musicians on #01: Marion Balech , piano/Alan Holding & Catherine Pauwels: voices. On #02: Stéphane Martel, double bass.
Commissioned by french national radio show ‘Atelier de Création Radiophonique’. Broadcasted on January 26th, 2003.

In french, ‘bogue’ is the official translation for the english ‘bug’. But this word is hardly used by anyone in the country. So ‘bogue’ stand for a leftover, a discarded item, a failed adaptation of french to technology. This suits Programme’s agenda well, and this project in particular, which deals with loners of society.


Programme ‘Génération finale’, CD 2001

Programme Finale

01 Génération finale (35:00)

line up
Arnaud Michniak: words & music
Damien Bétous: music & programing

Composed for a contemporary art exhibition in Lyon, France in 2001. The music is split radically between left and right channel. The former is the voice track, a cut up of a text dealing with social and psychological issues, where beginnings and ends of sentences or even words are cut. The latter has a looped accordion sound playing over and over again. One of the most radical efforts to come out of France in the last 10 years.


Treelinedhighway ‘Man With A Movie Camera’ CDr 2001


Man With A Movie Camera soundtrack (CDr Live recordng, 2001).

01 Man With A Movie Camera soundtrack (65’00)

Recorded live by Chris Borlowski at Squeaky Wheel, Buffalo, New York. Ambient post rock/drone trio including Mike Bouquard & Gordon Merrick, the latter still very active on the Buffalo scene, especially at Big Orbit Gallery/Soundlab venue. The music here is very subdued compared to other soundtracks for this film. Treelinedhighway use guitar, bass, drums and keyboards to create slowly evolving, very cinematographic soundscapes. Engaging deep bass and new ideas once in a while make for a very good post rock effort. Actually, one of the best I’ve heard. I’d be curious to see the movie along this music.


Volcano The Bear ‘Volseptor’ (CDr, 2001)



Volcano The Bear ‘Volseptor’ (live 1998)
Volucan series #07

In 1998, british band Volcano The Bear (Nick Mott, Aaron Moore, Laurence Coleman & Daniel Padden) were in a frenzy of concert dates and continuously recording their gigs, later documenting them on CDrs with hand painted or xeroxed covers, to be sold at their next show. Later on, US label Beta Lactam launched a selection of these in a series of CDrs called the ‘Volucan’ series. Still active today, but less exciting, Volcano plays avantgarde rock/improv with a Dada flavor, with typical demented chanting and grotesque vocals, heavy druming, dark electronic sampler sounds and traditional instruments like piano, keybords, guitar, trumpet, clarinet. This live recording is one of their best, sharp and to the point.


01 Oslo top
02 Reahs’ mort
03 100 years of longitude
04 Kindly
05 Sex transfusion
06 Egg knoowledge
07 Botticello

Recorded live at the Physio & Firkin, Leicester on 19th June 1998.

Thomas Fiancette ‘Bricolages’ (2002)



Young musician from the south of France. Beautiful disc of cute music using guitar, toy piano, drums, clarinet, flute, violin, etc.

01 Peplum (0’35)
02 Martiens sur Mars (0’33)
03 Samedi (2’15)
04 Okinawa (3’29)
05 Vapeurs (1’06)
06 Forêt (1’54)
07 A Okinawa (1’22)
08 Départ d’automne (2’38)
09 Forest? (1’45)
10 Prélude au nain (0’53)
11 Symptôme d’empoisonnement (1’36)
12 Romance à la gnou (3’38)
13 Cher Robert (1’12)
14 19200 en 1995 (7’12)
15 A Praha (6’26)
16 My girl (1’45)


Relax Ay Voo Relax 008 CDr, 2002

Philippe Cauvin ‘Memento’ LP (1984)

LP cover

1 – Chanson Facile D’Amour (3’58)
2 – Comme Un Miroir D’Echo (2’57)
3 – Coeur (1’55)
4 – Jeu D’Enfant (1’36)
5 – Transe En Danse (2’43)
6 – Pour Un Recueillement (2’55)
7 – Air D’Elle (3’13)
8 – Automne (22’25)


After ‘Climage’ (1981), ‘Memento’ (1984) is the second solo album from the former guitarist/leader of Uppsala, a french band from Bordeaux, blending avantgarde songwriting with progressive elements. Philippe Cauvin also had a track on ‘Douze Pour Un’, a compilation LP by AYAA discs, France, 1982.

Cauvin’s delicate classical guitar is prominent throughout with some ocassional guest contributions (including Serge Korjanevski) on synth, triangle or percussion. But the striking ingredient is Cauvin’s voice, a falsetto giving his music a unique touch. The poetry of his music and singing is obvious, as well as the beauty of his songwriting.

Some of the tracks were commissioned for dance performances.

The LP has been reissued on Musea Records in France with additionnal tracks. This is a rip from the original LP.


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