De Wolfe – Africa

De Wolfe - Africa LP front cover
De Wolfe - Africa LP back cover
De Wolfe - Africa LP side A

Published in 1973, “Africa” is an LP worth of “authentic” ethnic music from the indomitable de Wolfe catalogue, supposedly documenting music from Congo, Ivory Coast-Ruanda (sic) and Madagascar – that is, countries administred by France or Belgium at various periods. I assume the record fullfils the needs of British documentary film producers of the 1970s in search of Ocora-type ethnic music. Tracks range from songs with solo accompanyment on kora or balafon to collective chanting and festival songs, from wild slit drums to marching band (!), as well as religious singing under the influence of Catholic missionaries. Origin and authenticity is dubious but this is nonetheless a highly unusual library LP.

01 Boatmen’s Choir
02 Boatmen’s Song
03 Congo Drums
04 Congo Chant
05 Congo March
06 Choral Drama

Ivory Coast–Ruanda (sic)
07 Song of Thanksgiving
08 Page’s Song
09 Song of Bativa
10 Religious Song
11 Tom-Tom Rhythms

12 Amboasary Troupe
13 Vangaindrane
14 Avia Hilala
15 Tree Planting Song
16 Mpilalao Male Dance
17 Drums and Flutes
18 Santa Bary
19 Mitsinjo Flute
20 Sakalava Chanting No 1
21 Sakalava Chanting No 2
22 Dance Time

Total time
LP released by Music De Wolfe, London, UK, 1973


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2 Responses to “De Wolfe – Africa”

  1. 1 Carl Howard August 16, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    Where DO ya find these things??

    No one else does!

  2. 2 continuo August 16, 2012 at 7:34 pm

    Hi, Carl. I dig deeper than most, I guess, and always go for the more obscure releases as a rule. Thanks for your comment.

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