Tzarina Q Cut – Bees On Hali

Tzarina Q Cut - Bees On Hali LP front cover
Tzarina Q Cut - Bees On Hali LP back cover
Tzarina Q Cut - Bees On Hali LP side A

Tzarina Q Cut was the duo of Danish reed player Jakob Draminsky Højmark (b. 1959) and guitarist Jørgen Teller (b. 1958). They released 2 cassettes and 2 records between 1988 and 1991, of which Bees On Hali was their last release, published on Barcelona’s G3G records. The duo ceased activites in 1990, when Draminsky Højmark  relocated to Barcelona to study electroacoustic music with Gabriel Brncic. See also the solo Draminsky Højmark cassette I posted a while ago.

Bees On Hali is a collection of instrumental vignettes in which both players favor abstract textures and stacato notes in unison or counterpoint. Draminsky Højmark plays bass clarinet and sopranino saxophone, while Jørgen Teller plays electric guitar with effect pedals. Generally disregarding melody, harmonic development or European Improv dogma, Tzarina Q Cut create vibrant and colorful sonic miniatures to which they gave the poetic names of various herbaceous plants.

01 Calluna Vulgaris (3:21)
02 Jassione Montana (2:45)
03 Propolis (5:17)
04 Crataeus Spp. (2:55)
05 Halictus Vs. Specodes (5:00)
06 Phacelia Tanacetifolia (3:23)
07 Astata Boops (1:05)
08 Gelée Royale (3:37)
09 Simonsen (3:21)
10 Klitrose (1:56)
11 Taraxacum Vulgare (5:36)
12 Narcissus Poeticus (2:48)
13 Drone Of The Decade (2:56)
14 Hive Jive (2:19)
15 Nosema (3:20)

Total time 49:40
LP released by G3G, Spain, 1990


Tzarina Q Cut discography:
1988 On Wave, cassette
1989 Kun En Kaerlighedssang, on Just a Love-song compilation LP, Old Europa Café, Italy
1989 Homage al Spoot Magic, cassette
1990 I-Cue-U, on Klima compilation LP, Mole Recordings, Denmark
1990 On Waste Ave-nude, 12”, G3G Records, Spain
1991 Bees On Hali, LP, G3G Records, Spain

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