Herbert Brün – Klänge Unterwegs c/w Anepigraphe

Herbert Brün - Klänge Unterwegs LP front cover
Herbert Brün - Klänge Unterwegs LP back cover
Herbert Brün - Klänge Unterwegs LP side B

Berlin-born composer Herbert Brün (1918-2000) fled Nazi Germany in 1936 for Jerusalem, where he studied piano with Stefan Wolpe, among others. He later studied at Tanglewood and Columbia University in 1948-50. Brün got interested in electroacoustic music in the late 1950s and visited electronic studios in Paris, Cologne and Munich, where he created several compositions and hörspiele. He was invited to teach at Illinois University in 1962 where he soon joined the electronic studio, started composing with computers and FORTRAN programming, and explored cybernetics theories. Brün founded the Performers’ Workshop Ensemble with students. See official website for more info.

Herbert Brün's theoretical writingsHerbert Brün seminar, k7 recording, 1977Herbert Brün during lecture
Above: Brün’s theoretical writings [+], seminar k7 recording [+], and lecturing

♫ This LP is a hörbeispiele, that is recordings of elektronische musik sound examples, a specifically German genre of which I previously posted several representative discs. Published one year before Herbert Eimert’s own historical Einführung in die Elektronische Musik (1963, posted here), Herbert Brün’s Klänge Unterwegs, or Wayfaring Sounds, was already distancing himself with 12-tone technique and atonality, and embraced the new electronic era with less mysticism and exaltation than Eimert. Klänge Unterwegs was recorded at the Siemens-Studio für Elektronische Musik in Munich in 1961 for a series of 8 radio broadcasts that same year. The LP ends with a proper electroacoustic composition, the superb Anepigraphe, recorded at NWDR’s electronic studio in Cologne in 1958, under Eimert’s tutelage.

01 Klänge Unterwegs – Beginn (21:48)
02 Klänge Unterwegs – Ende (13:06)
03 Anepigraphe (1958) (9:22)

Total time 44:16
LP released by Amadeo, Wien, Austria, 1962


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2 Responses to “Herbert Brün – Klänge Unterwegs c/w Anepigraphe”

  1. 1 Acousmata July 13, 2012 at 11:44 am

    Huzzah for Herbert Brün! Very happy to see this here.

  2. 2 continuo July 13, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    The more I learn about Herbert Brün, the more I view him as a considerable figure of 20th century serious music, with connections to programming, computer drawing, cybernetics, theoretical writings, etc.
    By the way, did you notice my new “hörbeispiele” category? I thought you’d be amused. It’s not that usual on mp3 blogs.
    Thanks for your comment. I hope the baby and mother are ok.

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