Renaud Gagneux – Musiques sur la Place

Renaud Gagneux – Musiques sur la Place 7-in front cover
Renaud Gagneux – Musiques sur la Place 7-in back cover
Renaud Gagneux – Musiques sur la Place 7-in side A

Another single in the Sonoriage series on Le Chant Du Monde (see previous post), with the same motto of “Pour une initiation active à l’écoute et à la lecture de la musique d’aujourd’hui née de l’attention à l’environnement sonore quotidien” (or, Introduction to today’s music based on special awareness to everyday sounds).

Renaud Gagneux

♫ This disc is played on one of the best Parisian carillons at Saint Germain L’Auxerois church, near Le Louvre museum – the exact adress is 2 Place du Louvre, hence the title Musiques sur la PlaceRenaud Gagneux (pictured right) is the titular carillonist player there since 1970. The music on this disc integrates environemental sounds like street noises, passers-by, car engines or regular monthly alert sirens, with carillon strokes and carillon music by Gagneux, Louis Couperin and Olivier Bernager. French contemporary music composer Renaud Gagneux, born 1947, studied with Stockhausen, André Jolivet and Olivier Messiaen, among others. In 1970, he became a member of Pierre Mariétan‘s Groupe d’Etude et de Réalisation Musicale (GERM) along Jean-Yves Bosseur, Gérard Frémy and Philippe Drogoz, and in 1972, he integrated Pierre Schaeffer’s INA-GRM institution. In addition to being an educator, Gagneux composes electroacoustic music, string quartets, chamber music and opera.

Musiques Sur La Place, side A (5:50)

  • Cloche à la volée : “Marie” de Saint-Germain-l’Auxerrois + ambient sounds
  • Indicatif au carillon automatique + ambient sounds (1:00)
  • Heure au bourdon et alerte
  • Air des moissonneurs (Louis Couperin) + ambient sounds (2:00)

Musiques Sur La Place, side B (4:30)

  • Gamme lente (Olivier Bernager)

Renaud Gagneux, carillon, field recordings

Total time 10:20
7in released by Le Chant Du Monde, France, 1985


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