3 Vi Tre, edizioni di polipoesia – issue #2

3 Vi Tre, edizioni di polipoesia – issue #2 front cover
3 Vi Tre, edizioni di polipoesia – issue #2 spread
3 Vi Tre, edizioni di polipoesia – issue #2 side A

Enzo Minarelli‘s Edition of polipoesia and the 3 Vi Tre seven inch records series were obviously aimed at raising the profile of Italian sound poetry on the international scene dominated in the early 1980s by French and US poets – Swedes were also incredibly creative around the Fylkingen venue. This second issue of 3 Vi Tre clearly put Italy on the map with a pair of provocative sound experiments where poetry is to be found amid highly unusual sounds rather than the expected declamation.

Giovanni Fontana‘s Poema Larsen, or Larsen Poem, is a study for tiny glottal sounds, feedback and larsen. In this experimental piece, the artist confronts fragile human utterances with electricity sounds represented by larsen noises, thus creating a feeling of unease and danger from the juxtaposition. Larsen sounds also deliciously nod towards Steve Reich’s Pendulum Music. Examining speech beyond significance, Enzo Minarelli‘s own contribution is a brilliant tape collage of slowed-down vocals, found sounds and unidentified noises. In this bleak, claustrophobic soundscape, extremely slowed down vocals become mere disembodied traces of human speech, magnifying elementary tonemes, the basic constituents of phonemes. The liner notes encourage the listener to experiment with 45 and 33rpm speeds, so the download link offers both. Each version  has its own merits and some sounds, like speech or bell sounds in the background, are only apparent or distinguishable in one version.

3 Vi Tre issue #2 note

Giovanni Fontana
01 Poema Larsen (5:48)
Enzo Minarelli
02 Neotonemi per campane e fruscii (45rpm speed) (6:44)
03 Neotonemi per campane e fruscii (33rpm speed) (9:00)

Total time 21:28
7inch record released by Edizioni Di Polipoesia, Alatri, Italia, 1983


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2 Responses to “3 Vi Tre, edizioni di polipoesia – issue #2”

  1. 1 royalbobcat May 24, 2012 at 8:16 am

    Thanks for these, I would never have heard them otherwise. Particularly liked listening to the 33 version after the 45, it really seemed to open up. Your selections are a source of joy!

  2. 2 continuo May 24, 2012 at 8:40 am

    I also find this track very surprising. It’s actually hard to tell which one is the original version, 45 or 33rpm. Thanks for your comment.

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