Bodo Reinke – Faustus Nostalgicus & Dracula

Bodo Reinke - Faustus Nostalgicus & Dracula LP front cover
Bodo Reinke - Faustus Nostalgicus & Dracula LP back cover
Bodo Reinke - Faustus Nostalgicus & Dracula LP side A

German composer Bodo Reinke, born 1949, worked as music director and conductor in various theaters in Kiel (1975–82), Flensburg (1982–1990), Heidelberg (1990–1993) and Rostock (1955–1999), in Northern Germany except Heidelberg in Central Germany, as well as composing chamber opera, stage, orchestral, and instrumental music – his compositions for contrabass, for instance, are favored by bassists the world over. German tango duet Duo Diagonal (Hans-Christian Jaenicke on violin and Jörg Siegloch on accordion) toured in 2011 playing several pieces by Bodo Reinke. His most recent stage music composition is Könige der Straße, a song cycle about U.S. truckers (!) with 4 singers and Reinke at the piano, premiered in Kiel in February 2012.

♫ This disc pairs two of Reinke’s most successful stage music compositions of the early 1980s. The style is comparable to Willem Breuker’s theater music like Baal (1973) or his film music for the Johan Van Der Keuken films (1974), with similar Kurt Weil and Porgy & Bess echoes and contemporary music inflections. Faustus Nostalgicus was written in 1980 for a ballet by choreographer Heinz Weitz, staged by the Kieler Ballet company. This is joyous, optimistic music played by a fine jazz ensemble led by a skilled horn section, with brilliant electric guitar interjections by Volker Linde. The contrast between dramatic, Sturm-und-Drang theme and light music is even more spectacular in Dracula, a chamber opera premiered in Kiel in 1985. Contrary to expectations, Dracula is a colourful, Transylvanian suite for small jazz ensemble with hilarious catch-me-if-you-can, chasing games and Gypsy traditional music touches here and there. Allan Jensen on tuba is the star on several numbers. Reinke’s sense of humor and superlative arrangements make this score a killer. The perfect antidote to anyone who is feeling… blue!

Faustus Nostalgicus:
01 Vorspiel (2:31)
02 Osterspaziergang (4:33)
03 Tango, Mephisto – Faustus (2:00)
04 Auerbachs Keller, Charleston (2:53)
05 Gretchen, Straße (2:05)
06 Anreise zur Walpurgisnacht (1:21)
07 Frau Marthe (4:54)
08 Gretchen – Faustus (3:06)
09 Walpurgis – Beguine (2:00)
10 Nr. 6 (2:25)
11 Nr. 7 (1:34)
12 1st Finale II (1:38)
13 1st Finale IV (4:08)
14 Nr. 12 (2:06)
15 Nr. 20 (3:25)
16 Nr. 19 (1:42)
17 Nr. 5 (3:27)

Jürgen Mattulat, trumpet
Albert Rohde, clarinet and alt saxophone
Dieter Reulan, trombone
Allan Jensen, tuba on Dracula
Ivan Petkov, violin
Volker Linde, guitar
Klaus Mattulat, percussion
Heinz-Jürgen Wittstock, contrabass
Bodo Reinke, piano

Total time 45:47
LP released by BCM, Kiel, Germany, 1985

[Alternate 1 / Alternate 2]

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2 Responses to “Bodo Reinke – Faustus Nostalgicus & Dracula”

  1. 1 Dylan April 7, 2012 at 2:33 am

    I’m loving this! Thanks a lot for the upload.

  2. 2 continuo April 7, 2012 at 6:31 am

    I love it too, hence the upload! Thanks for your comment, Dylan.

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