Alain Saverot – Ballade Rustique

Alain Saverot – Ballade Rustique LP front cover
Alain Saverot – Ballade Rustique LP back cover
Alain Saverot – Ballade Rustique LP side 1

The son of a French professional violinist who played in a string quartet, French painter Alain Saverot was born in Sousse, Tunisia, in 1947. He traveled by foot across Central Africa in the 1960s and discovered African ethnic music and instruments – this LP’s cover image might be from this period. Back in France, he graduated from Dijon’s fine arts school in 1964. His paintings and drawings have been shown in various exhibitions in France and abroad since the mid-1970s – see official website. In 1982, Saverot published 2 LPs on artist-funded record company Le Kiosque d’Orphée, titled Tirage de Tête and Ballade Rustique. See previous post for an explanation of the Kiosque d’Orphée concept.

Both sides of Ballade Rustique feature continuous compositions of multi-tracked voices, sound collages, and music instruments like acoustic guitar, percussion and harmonica. Wordless onomatopoeia prevails throughout – from phonetic sound poetry to spontaneous chorale, from Sephardi Jewish Cantillation to New Orleans scat –, with occasional reading of poems (the liner notes mention Baudelaire, Queneau and Tzara), sometimes augmented by a female reader. An untaught musician and singer, Savoret compensates with imagination and some radical ideas about mixing and cueing… or lack thereof, as some sequences just seem to bump into one another without further ado. Note, for instance, the incredibly distorted electric guitar sudden eruption at 5:30 in track #2, with distorted and noisy vocals for the ensuing 2mns. The entire passage recalls Jean Dubuffet’s Musique Chauve experiments.

01 Ballade Rustique (16:25)
02 Ballade Rustique – continued (22:06)

Total time 38:31
LP released by Le Kiosque d’Orphée, France, 1982

Download [new stereo rip, as of Oct. 25, 2011]

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2 Responses to “Alain Saverot – Ballade Rustique”

  1. 1 Exeter October 26, 2011 at 1:48 am

    Now I have both stereo and mono. It’s like one of those Japanese CD reissues of classic LP’s !
    Thank you!

  2. 2 continuo October 26, 2011 at 7:59 am

    Ha! Very funny. You’re the kind of reader I would want for the blog.
    Thanks for your comment.

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