Katalin Ladik & Gábor Fülöp [2 radio plays]

Katalin Ladik & Gábor Fülöp [2 radio plays] LP front cover
Katalin Ladik & Gábor Fülöp [2 radio plays] LP back cover
Katalin Ladik & Gábor Fülöp [2 radio plays] LP side 1

This 1988 Serbian disc on Radio-Televizje Beograd (RTB) pairs two radio plays produced by Radio Novi Sad by Magyar-speaking writers Katalin Ladik and Gábor Fülöp (note: in this post, family names come in last, unlike Hungarian custom).

A poet, mail artist, sound poet, performance artist and actress from Vojvodina, Katalin Ladik, born 1942, worked at Radio Novi Sad from 1963 to 1977, then became actor with the Novi Sad Theater until 1992, when she relocated to Hungary. She collaborated with composers Dubravko Detoni (1973-73), Ernö Kiraly (Jugoton LP, 1979), Dušan Radić (Oratorio Profano, 1979) or Boris Kovač (Ritual Nova I & II, 1985-88). Ladik’s radio play Aki Darazsakról Álmodik, or Who Is Dreaming About Wasps, was premiered in Budapest by the Hungarian national radio in 1982 under the title Furcsa, Aki Darazsakról Álmodik, with the voices of Alex Avanesian and Imre József Katona. The version on this disc was recorded by Radio Novi Sad in Vojvodina (a Serbian province including a Magyar-speaking minority – see previous post) and directed by Tibor Vajda and the collaboration of Júlia Biszák, Karoly Fischer, Gábor Fülöp and experimental music composer and instrument builder Ernö Király. Ladik was married to Király during the 1960s, when he was music director at Radio Novi Sad.

In this surreal, dream-like radio play, studio techniques like montage, varispeed or voice spatialization create a disconcerting theater of voices narrating the encounters of a woman (played by Ladik herself) with various imaginary male and female caracters. The woman’s voice is alternatively a child, a young woman, a mother or an elder, not necessarily in this logical order. Ernö Kiraly’s mysterious ziterphone and tablophone notes float around adding up to the Surrealist and neo-folk atmosphere.

Hungarian poet, translator, playwright and editor Gábor Fülöp (b1950), lived in Yugoslavia in the 1980s and was director of dramaturgy at Radio Novi Sad from 1976 to 1991, when he finally relocated to Budapest, Hungary. The radio play Bomba-Effektus Le És Föl (or The effect of bombs, above and under) was originally created at Radio Novi Sad in 1983. The play is more traditional than Ladik’s own, with proper roles, scenario and Foley art.

[Thanks to Goran for this disc]

  1. Katalin Ladik Aki Darazsakról Álmodik (23:07)
    Katalin Ladik, author
    Katalin Ladik, Júlia Biszák, Károly Fischer, actors
    Ernö Király, ziterphone, tablophone, electric guitar
    Tibor Vajda, director
    Gábor Fülöp, dramaturgy
    Doru Barbulov, sound engineer
  2. Gábor Fülöp Bomba-Effektus Le És Föl (21:35)
    Gábor Fülöp, Éva Varga, authors
    György Fejes, István Sinkó, Jeno Ferenci, József Horváth,
    Károly Fischer, Zoltán Balázs-Piri, Zsuzsa Daróczi, actors
    Gábor Fülöp, dramaturgy
    Iván Fece, sound engineer

Total time 44:42
LP released by RTB, Belgrade, ex-Yugoslavia, 1988


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2 Responses to “Katalin Ladik & Gábor Fülöp [2 radio plays]”

  1. 1 newname October 10, 2011 at 10:13 pm

    Continuo thanks for Radio-Plays album and for nice info.Tomorrow i will have more time for listening.

  2. 2 continuo October 10, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    Hope you’ll enjoy. The A side alone is terrific.
    Thanks for your comment.

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