Simone De Haan/Jon Rose – Kicking As Art Form

Kicking As Art Form LP front cover
Kicking As Art Form LP back cover
Kicking As Art Form LP side 1
Simone De Haan and Jon ROse

During the 1980s, trombonist Simone de Haan, born 1953, was an occasional member of Jon Rose’s Relative Band, half of improvised music duo Flederman with Carl Vine, as well as an interpret of contemporary music with Australian orchestras. Since then, he has been a music educator, trombone lecturer, festival organiser, improvisor and orchestra director. The duet improvisations on this LP were recorded in Canberra in 1984, and published on Jon Rose’s own Fringe Benefit label. According to Jon Rose, born 1951, original tapes for many FB releases of the late 1970s-1980s are now deteriorated or destroyed, hence unlikely to be reissued, so Rose rescued some of them on the double-disc anthology Fringe Benefits: 1977-1985 on Entropy Stereo, 1999, on which 2 short excerpts from Kicking as Art Form are included. The compilation is hosted on Free Music Archive.

Simone De Haan’s trombone is almost constantly soloing on side A, while Jon Rose merely contributes discrete background droning sounds from self-build 19 string cello. Regular cello sounds appear with the pair of traditionals closing the first side (#5 & 6), after which the rest of the LP is more like a proper duo, with Rose switching to home-made 5 and 16 string violins. On the wonderful #7 Kookaburra – Fair Dinkum, Rose produces magical, aeolian harp-like sounds from the 16 string violin. Elsewhere he plays a kind of insect music of pizzicati and repeated notes, interrupted by unexpected vocal interjections. On the epic closing track, the 2 musicians are moving around the stage and 8 microphones while producing eerie sounds from their respective instruments, for once sounding almost indistinguishable, producing disorienting, otherworldly tonalities.

01 Another Slippery Morris (6:06)
02 He’s No Wombat (5:09)
03 Goals Of Desire (3:13)
04 Ballroom Behaviour (4:54)
05 Authentic Korean Folk Song (3:51)
06 Traditional Irish Melody (1:37)
07 Kookaburra – Fair Dinkum (4:49)
08 Lullaby In Birdland (3:30)
09 Cold Toast And Vegemite (1:50)
10 Distinguishing Marks (5:03)
11 Gumly Gumly (3:06)
12 Balmain Tigers v The Rest (8:49)

Simone De Haan, trombone
Jon Rose, 19 string cello, 5 and 16 string violin, revolving speaker

Total time 52:00
LP released by Fringe Benefit Records, ref. FBR 49, Australia, 1984


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    Rugby, great!

  2. 2 j January 31, 2012 at 1:07 am

    would you mind re-upping?

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