Jean Guillou – Biloulou Safari

Jean Guillou - Biloulou Safari LP front cover
Jean Guillou - Biloulou Safari LP back cover
Jean Guillou - Biloulou Safari LP side A

Rare film music by French organist Jean Guillou, born 1930, famous for his disheveled improvisations at the organ of Saint Eustache church in Paris, and for his Visions Cosmiques LP on Philips’ Prospective 21e Siècle series. There’s a detailed English biography of Guillou on this page. Biloulou Safari is the soundtrack to Marcel Isy-Schwart‘s film titled Congo-Safari., presumably a documentary shot in Congo around 1972. The disc was issued by Sinfonia in France, though produced by Ansonia Records in the USA, both labels being world and dance music specialists. Both sides of Biloulou Safari feature church organ improvisations very likely recorded on Saint Eustache’s organ, of which Guillou is titular since 1963.

Biloulou Safari OST
01 Side A (25:35)
02 Side B (26:21)

Total time 51:56
LP released by Sinfonia, ref. SLP 1014, France, 1972(?)


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3 Responses to “Jean Guillou – Biloulou Safari”

  1. 1 tedspearsspears August 8, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    wow … didn’t realize there were more things available ! great post !

  2. 2 continuo August 8, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    Thanks. I plan to post as usual in August.

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