Annick Nozati – s/t debut LP

Annick Nozati - s/t debut LP front cover
Annick Nozati - s/t debut LP back cover
Annick Nozati - s/t debut LP side A

French singer and improviser Annick Nozati (1945-2000) was an actress when she met Structures Sonores Baschet‘s collaborator Jacques Lasry in the 1960s, with whom she experimented vocal improvisation for the first time. In the 1970s, she was in demand both in contemporary music and musical theater circles. At the end of the decade, she met Fred Van Hove and Joëlle Léandre, with which she then performed regularly in duos. She joined Lindsay Cooper and Maggie Nichols’ Feminist Improvising Group in 1983.  The object of today’s post, her first solo LP appeared that same year on In and Out, a record label founded by French bassist Didier Levallet and Corinne Léonet. In and Out (not to be confused with IN+OUT Records, Germany) published artists like pianist Siegfried Kessler. For more info on Annick Nozati, see Eugene Chadbourne’s All Music Guide article.

♫  Few singers achieve a totally sincere vocal technique that is authentically their own. Tamia and Maggie Nichols would be good examples in this respect, and Nozati belonged to that rare breed. Produced by Daniel Deshays and recorded at Bernard Baschet’s home, this disc encapsulates Nozati’s personal universe of spontaneous, deep emotions and feelings expressed through wordless vocal acrobatics. A few Structures Sonores interjections also underline Nozati’s extraordinary voice.

01 Comédia (6:31)
02 Appels (5:02)
03 Insomnie (5:32)
04 Exercices (5:33)
05 La Montagne Qui Tourne (:57)
06 Obscur et Dense (11:10)
07 Silence (2:16)
08 Le Verre à la Main (4:51)
09 Ronde Calme (4:54)

Total time 46:40
LP released by In and Out, ref. IaO 1005, France, 1983


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