Flying Lesbians s/t LP

Flying Lesbians LP front cover
Flying Lesbians LP back cover
Flying Lesbians LP seite 2

The self-titled, self-released Flying Lesbians LP belongs to the pioneering feminist releases of the 1970s, along Alix Dobkin’s Living with Lesbians LP, or Berlin all-women band Lysistrata. This movement came after the first generation of artists like Gertrude Stein or Claude Cahun on the one hand, and before all-women Punk bands like Hagar the Womb, Malaria or the Riot Grrrl movement on the other hand. While in a male-dominated society Feminist and Lesbian claims generally come across as a provocation, it is all the more provocative in the context of rock music, with its ethos of blatant virility and assumed machismo. Formed in 1974 by Monika Mengel and Cillie Rentmeister, the Flying Lesbians comprised 7 women from West Berlin performing at Feminist festivals around Europe as well as Frauenfesten (women’s festivals) in Germany. The band lasted from 1974 to ’77 and self-released their unique LP in 1975 via Frauen Offensive, a one-shot record label distributed by Frauenbuchladen Vertrieb GmbH, a Berlin woman-run, national distributor of women’s literature.

♫ Credentials on the LP bear all the signs of a vindicative, activist project, complete with Amazon double-axe symbol on the cover ; lyrics credited to British suffragette Emily Pankhurst (actually written by Monica Mengel and other members of the group) and lyrics in German and English dealing with feminist’s claims exclusively. Musically speaking, the Flying Lesbians have an opulent sound thanks to a strong rhythm section led by Monika Savier and Danielle de Baat’s powerful bass lines, and finally by Cillie Rentmeister’s piano accompaniment, somewhere between Janis Joplin and Czech band Psí vojáci.

01 Battered Wife (3:08)
02 Trebermädchen (2:43)
03 Arbeitlos (4:07)
04 Für Frau Dr. A (4:17)
05 Frauen Kommt Her (+ Frauen Erhebt Euch) (5:49)
06 I’m A Lesbian, How About You? (3:58)
07 Die Bisexualität (3:35)
08 Wir Sind Die Homosexuellen Frauen (3:38)
09 Matriarchatsblues (5:36)
10 Shake It Off (6:00)

Monika Savier, bass guitar
Monika Mengel, drums, vocals
Danielle de Baat, guitar, bass, vocals
Cillie Rentmeister, piano, synth, harmonica, vocals
Christel Wachowski, guitar
Gigi Lansch, drums
Monika Jaeckel, percussion, vocals

Total time 42:49
LP released by Frauen Offensive, Germany, 1975


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3 Responses to “Flying Lesbians s/t LP”

  1. 1 Hausmeister November 9, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    more than 30 years ago I heard this LP the last time. Thank you for freshing up memories – Hausmeister

  2. 2 continuo November 9, 2011 at 10:24 pm

    You obviously have a good memory, to say the least.
    Thanks for your comment.

  3. 3 Music_lover August 28, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    Could you please reup this?

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