Bolingo’s thoughts on sorting out LPs

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Bolingo's whereabouts
Bolingo's whereabouts
Bolingo's whereabouts
Bolingo's whereabouts

[Says Bolingo:]

Oh my, if I was a record on your shelf I would have a grand life I am sure. But I am not so neat and clean, even if my records are. Coming to your neatly ordered collection I would feel very shy at first as I am all in piles and constantly moving around. I also have the mixed pleasure of a huge 78 rpm collection that has to go into crates and that is where most of the LP’s are heading as well.

When my LP collection was at the most voluminous stage it was just a little below 20 shelf meters and they have today been decimated to around 6-9 (hard to say as many are in boxes again) Coming to my abodes it is mostly books and the records are “stealing” shelf space from them here and there. There is always around a hundred or so shuffled around in temporary piles leaning on shelf’s and walls. As much as I love the music on them I must tell you for sure that I find them a nuisance in space they take up and the electrostatic and the dust. Honestly continuo, how often do you get a whole LP-side to play without some static pop and how often is the needle speck and dust free upon arrival at the centre label. No, they have to go! Not only are they not letting themselves be classified sorted and catalogued as a unit, only on track level can you apply decent thesauri and therefore I sing the praise of the properly tagged correct subject heading keywords attached hyperstructurally connected with its pertinent metainformation.

My “new” illusion of order since my first discographic webpages at (started almost twenty years ago then on, is the belief that I will be able to leave the physically disorganised material to the digital electronic representation of the media, i.e. the message “an sich” with all the tagging in place and enabling all detailed and specifically exact and if needed combined with the fuzzy searches giving me playlist to peruse at exactly those tracks and the opportunity of random shuffle play thus surprising myself with new recognisable patterns and intriguing connections.

Guess I don’t dare to show you any pictures after this rant… Anyhow I enjoy your blog very much and it is always nice to see that someone is better organised than me. What about the Swedish section. Are you sure that in reality it should not be subdivided in traditional folk, acoustic, improvised “free” jazz and maybe electronica I guess there is very little “spoken” in that section. I am most interested to have some real good close ups of two of your present categories, so I could read the spines at least ;-) That is the “Ethnic & Document” and the “Incredibly Strange Music” sections. Eagerly awaiting your next post. B.t.w. you should see all the symbolic links between label directories and geographic, genre, and other categories directories on my hard disks…, or maybe you shouldn’t.. ;-)


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5 Responses to “Bolingo’s thoughts on sorting out LPs”

  1. 1 continuo April 2, 2011 at 9:29 am

    Hi, Bolingo,

    Thank you so much for your contribution to the “LP shelves survey”. A genuine sorcerer’s nest, your study looks as if you brought back many antiques and curiosities from your Asian travels, records being only a portion of these (why not more Chinese music on your blog, I wonder?). A cat would have many places to hide in your place!

    I understand now why your blog tends to document every aspect of a record: perhaps because you’re unlikely to find it again once you’ve put it back on your shelves! Your quest to digitize your entire collection is a daunting task and will require a lot of disc space. Soon you will be collecting hard drives.

    I don’t consider my LP classification/categorization as a rule or a pre-requisite. I just need it to help my mind make sense of the hundreds records I listen to each month. You tend to become a little schizophrenic when you enjoy Henri Pousseur and Abwärts in the same day.

    Regarding the Swedish divider: keeping the different styles together helps me figure out the Swedish mentality, but is also the quickest way to find a record when you know you’re looking for a Swedish LP. Plus, a disc like Kräldjursanstalten’s “Nu Är Det Allvar!!!” would be hard to categorize, right?

    I love your laptop desk with the Nagra tape recorder (pictured at bottom). What is the wooden sphere in the middle of the speakers? A sound diffusor, perhaps?

  2. 2 pan mietek April 3, 2011 at 12:17 am

    gee, isn’t that the same Onkyo TX 8210 amplituner as I have?

  3. 3 Clive Graham April 4, 2011 at 10:32 am

    Are those your legs on the TV screen?

  4. 4 continuo April 4, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    It might indeed be Bolingo’s skinny legs, but he’s the only one able to confirm the hypothesis.

  5. 5 Mäster Oecanthus April 16, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    Hm, the angle is certainly right, but no, my legs are much sturdier more like the horses that pull the belgian beer delivery carts. Must have caught one of my two sons…

    but yes it is an Onkyo amplituner but it is my wife’s ;-)

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