The New Bomb Turks – live VPRO 1993

The New Bomb Turks - live VPRO 1993 front cover
The New Bomb Turks - live VPRO 1993 LP back cover
The New Bomb Turks - live VPRO 1993 LP side 1

Colombus, Ohio punk-rock outfit The New Bomb Turks toured Europe in 1993 immediately after the release of their first LP, !!Destroy-Oh-Boy!!, recorded 1992. In Europe, they recorded a Peel Session in London and a VPRO session in Hilversum, The Netherlands. For some reason, the 9-mn long Peel Session is disappointing (check it out for yourself here) while the VPRO session is all fire and flame. At this time, the band is comprised of vocalist Eric Davidson, Jim Weber on guitar, Matt Reber on bass and Bill Randt on drums. The VPRO set includes the 1st LP’s opener, #3 Born Toulouse-Lautrec, a pair of tracks from their 1993 10” Drunk On Cock ( the intimidating #1 Taller Order and #4 Grounded Ex-Patriot), and also #2 Girl Can Help It, from their 1994 LP, Information Highway Revisited. This 10-inch was released by Columbus, Ohio label Anyway Records, who also released local bands like Guided By Voice, Moviola and Appalachian Death Ride.

01 Taller Order (4:40)
02 Girl Can Help It (4:11)
03 Born Toulouse-Lautrec (2:28)
04 Grounded Ex-Patriot (2:44)
05 Deathbedside Manner (2:07)

Total time 16:00
EP released by Anyway Records, USA, 1995


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