Harald Winkler & Gary Pacific – Kinderland

Harald Winkler & Gary Pacific - Kinderland LP front cover
Harald Winkler & Gary Pacific - Kinderland LP back cover
Harald Winkler & Gary Pacific - Kinderland LP side B

Children-themed library LPs tend to be full of charm and nostalgia if I am to judge from several examples in my collection, and this LP is no exception. Kinderland is divided between two German library music composers. Gary Pacific & His Music is one Wolfram Brunke, while Harald Winkler, aka Can Candid, is Heinz Stiersdorfer. From what we hear, they seem to share the same musicians for these sessions.

♫ The music is bathed in an imagined children fantasy world full of princesses, penguins, fairy-tales, etc. The tracks are an alternance of slow ballads and chase theme tunes full of energy and excitement. Main features include delightful flute solos, dreamy vibraphone chimes and wonderful acoustic guitar accompaniment. On several tracks, the remarkable bass player instills German Funk school touches in the intoxicating music, like in the video below, from another, earlier LP, released 1974.

01 Sunny Day Man (2:50)
02 Friends of Penguins (2:13)
03 Kinderland (2:09)
04 Travelling on a Cloud (4:20)
05 Dance of Marionettes (2:14)
06 Fairy Tale (3:56)
07 Funny Chase (4:38)
08 Ringle Dance (1:55)
09 Time of Dreams (3:13)
10 Adventurous World & Little Rich Boy (3:38)
11 Bug in a Rug (2:36)
12 Moon Princess (2:41)

Total time 36:22
LP released by Selected Sound, Hamburg, West Germany, 1980


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2 Responses to “Harald Winkler & Gary Pacific – Kinderland”

  1. 1 Carl Howard January 14, 2011 at 10:10 am

    Ooooh, good stuff, but as you know, nothing will ever beat “Blue Butterfly”!

    That one will always be the top of the mountain.

  2. 2 continuo January 14, 2011 at 10:27 am

    This blog is about foothills, Carl, not mountains (see header picture).

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