Telectu – Rosa Cruz

Telectu - Rosa Cruz LP front cover
Telectu - Rosa Cruz LP back cover
Telectu - Rosa Cruz LP side A

Portuguese duo Telectu was formed in 1982 by keyboard player Jorge Lima Barreto and guitarist Vitor Rua. Lima Barreto was first in AnarBand (1972) and Associação Música Conceptual (1973), along Carlos Zíngaro.Vitor Rua came from rock band GNR (see previous post). During the 1980s and 90s, Telectu‘s minimalist/improvised music materialized in multimedia performances combining slide and film projections, musical theater, poetry or dance.

Rosa-Cruz was published in 1987 as a special project with each side devoted to a solo effort by a Telectu member. Some source say the disc is subtitled Live Gulbenkian and was published by 3 Macacos in 1985, but these informations are nowhere to be found on my copy. The style on Rosa-Cruz is repetitive music on loop mode. Rua’s sublime guitar sounds are looped with a sampler to create ecstatic, mantra-like wallpaper music. Lima Barreto creates elaborated electronic sequences, surprisingly akin to Rua’s guitar sound.

Vitor Rua (guitar, sampler)
01 Rosa-Cruz I (10:20)
02 Rosa-Cruz II (1:30)
03 Rosa-Cruz III (6:45)
Jorge Lima Barreto (synthesizer)
04 Rosa-Cruz IV (6:25)
05 Rosa-Cruz V (6:28)
06 Rosa-Cruz VI (6:27)

Total time 38:00
LP, private release (possibly released by 3 Macacos), Portugal, 1987


1982 Ctu Telectu, LP, Valentim De Carvalho, EMI
1983 Belzebu, LP, Ediçao Cliché
1984 Off Off, 2xLP, 3 Macacos
1984 Performance IV Bienal De Cerveira, LP, 3 Macacos
1985 Telefone – Live Moscow, LP, Telectu, 1985
1985 Fundaçao, LP, 3 Macacos
1986 Halley, LP, CNC/Altamira
1987 Rosa-Cruz, LP, not on label (possibly: 3 Macacos)
1988 Camerata Elettronica, 2xLP, Ama Romanta
1988 Mimesis, LP, Schiu!/Transmédia
1990 Digital Buiça, LP, Tragic Figures
1990 Encounters II / Labirintho 7.8, LP, Mundo Da Cancão
1990 Live At The Knitting Factory New York City, LP, Mundo Da Cancão
1992 Evil Metal,  CD, Área Total
1993 Belzebu/Off Off, CD, AnAnAnA
1993 Theremin Tao, CD, SPH
1994 Biombos, CD, China Record Company
1995 Jazz Off Multimedia,  CD, AnAnAnA
1995 Telectu-Cutler-Berrocal, CD, Fábrica De Sons
1977 À Lagardère w/ Jac Berrocal, CD, Numérica
1998 Prélude, Rhapsodie & Coda, CD, Nova Musica
2002 Quartetos, 3xCD, Clean Feed

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3 Responses to “Telectu – Rosa Cruz”

  1. 1 bOssas nOvas December 6, 2010 at 10:26 am


  2. 2 rafaelamorim January 24, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    I have Digital Buiça for sale.

  3. 3 ilda January 25, 2014 at 12:59 pm

    hello: its not “sampler” on the guitar: i actually play that patterns in real time… Thank you… There is no samplers at that time. and you are right: we recorded in studio not in gulbenkian and its not 3 macacos. best

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