Indiscreet Music – Dubious Collaberations

Indiscreet Music LP front cover
Indiscreet Music LP back cover
Indiscreet Music LP side 1

The second disc on Manchester’s Object Music, after the Spherical Objects debut LP in 1978, this 1979 compilation collects uncredited recordings from various sources and packages it with the self-explicit concept of “dubious collaberations”. According to label owner Steve Solamar, contributors include himself on harmonica, as well as other ex-Joe Panic members  Alan Robinson, Martin Fruhstuck, Chris Gribble and Steve Escott (aka Miro), both on guitar ; plus James Nice on harmonica and Keith Davis [source]. The recordings would date from 1971-76.

Object Music emerged from the Manchester Musicians’ Collective, launched 1976, a group of musicians including Trevor Wishart, Simon Holt and The Fall member Tony Friel, and supposedly inspired by the London’s Musicians Collective, launched 1975. Object Music releases vary from post-punk to DIY improvisations to obscure new-wave songs. The most comprehensive information on the label is from LTM, since they started reissuing some O.M. releases on CD.

♫ While individual tracks resort to DIY home-taping in various degrees of low fidelity, the originality and success of Indiscreet Music lies in the mix itself, as Solamar managed to surprise the listener with unexpected transitions, unceremonious track endings, unwanted noises and a certain amount of Surrealism in the proceedings. The closest thing I can think of is the Golden Apples compilation I posted a while back. Below is a track by track description to give you an idea. The guitar parts can be credited to Steve Escott (aka Miro), and the ubiquitous harmonica to Steve Solamar. A pity I can’t identify the violin player.

  • Part One (20:18)
    00:00 violin and ukulele duet
    02:30 shouts+reverb
    02:48 harmonica, rhythm guitar, bass
    03:33 ambient guitar with delay effect and feedback (almost nothing on the right channel)
    08:20 harmonica, piano, acoustic guitar, bass, percussion
    10:08 dreamy and tender tune on harmonica and el. guitar
    12:35 ditto
    16:00 field recording with birds and outdoor sounds
    17:47  cassette recording of a primitive horn instrument duet
  • Part Two (21:30)
    00:00 groans with delay and reverb, then feedback
    00:23 fiddle, folk guitar, hand claps and vocal interjections in Cajun style
    03:05 fiddle, harmonica, folk guitar in C&W style
    05:01 echo-drenched, mechanical sounds, water dripping, Jew’s harp
    07:10 ambient electric guitar with echo
    07:46 harmonica, percussion, piano rhythm
    08:51 harmonica with reverb and el. guitar
    13:02 soft el. guitar notes with bongo
    14:33 cheap electronic keyboard solo
    16:26 grating violin sounds with atonal organ washes
    17:11 violin and organ duet
    18:55 Jew’s harp, sped-up vocals
    20:07 violin duet

Total time 41:48
LP released by Object Music, OBJ002, UK, 1979


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2 Responses to “Indiscreet Music – Dubious Collaberations”

  1. 1 icastico October 16, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    Thanks for this. The track description hooked me.

  2. 2 continuo October 16, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    I’m glad you read this post till the end. Just so you know: for some specialists, the mention of the label is sufficient recommendation. Thanks for your comment.

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