Jakob Draminsky Højmark ‘Solo’

Jakob Draminsky Højmark 'Solo' k7 cover

Danish saxophonist and composer Jakob Draminsky Højmark, born 1959, studied with Danish jazz musicians Pierre Dørge and John Tchicai during the 1970s, and played in various dance bands in Denmark until the mid-1980s. He played in a duo called Zoo Mellem 1 with sound poet and artist Jeanette Land Schou from 1984-86, and was half of the Tzarina Q Cut duo with guitarist Jørgen Teller, 1987-1990. Draminsky Højmark relocated to Barcelona, Spain in 1990, where he studied electroacoustic music with Gabriel Brncic and attended workshops at Phonos studio. A member of the Bel Canto Orchestra alongside Mark Cunningham, Pierre Bastien, Oriol Perucho, and Gat, he toured with Pascal Comelade and contributed to Danses et Chants de Syldavie, 1993, and other subsequent CDs. He also played in Mark Cunningham’s own group RAEO, based in Barcelona.

Jakob Draminsky Højmark‘Solo‘ was Draminsky Højmark’s first cassette, recorded December 1987 in Copenhagen’s Karma Music Studio, where Danish free-jazz players like Johnny Dyani used to record their music. All tracks for the last one are solo efforts on clarinet, saxophone or game calls. While his style bears comparison with Lol Coxhill and John Zorn on game calls, Draminsky Højmark has his own way to explore the sound possibilities of each instrument. On alto sax, he favors fast, repetitive themes, adding variations and embellishments each time the theme recurs, while breaks are used to relinquish free form improvisations. On bass clarinet, he makes full use of the instrument’s unusual range to elaborate endless, whirling series of notes, like kites in the wind. The last track is something different, a kind of electroacoustic sax-scape with pre-recorded guitar, Tibetan bells and sound effects, exploring eerie sounds and surreal atmospheres.

01 Indfald (3:00)
02 Tante Mue (4:15)
03 . . . Und Zurück (4:30)
04 Rolling On (2:20)
05 Teikyoko (3:07)
06 1/4 Cut Yingle (12:15)

Jakob Draminsky Højmark: alto saxophone, bass clarinet, gamecalls, tapes

Total time 29:30
Cassette reissued by Rare Produx, R.P. 15, France, 1990 (recorded 1987)


Discography (tbc):
1988 Solo, cassette
1988 On Wave, cassette
1989 Zoo Mellem 1, duo w/ Jeanette Land Schou, cassette
1989 Homage al Spoot Magic, cassette
1990 The X-Club Project, cassette
1990 Dreamjingles, CD
1990 Tzarina Q Cut ‘On Waste Ave-Nude’, 12in
1991 Tzarina Q Cut ‘Bees On HALI’, LP

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