Foro de Comunicaciones Electroacústicas vol. II

Foro de Comunicaciones Electroacústicas vol. II
Foro de Comunicaciones Electroacústicas vol. II
Foro de Comunicaciones Electroacústicas vol. II

The three volumes of Foro de Comunicaciones Electroacústicas published 1998-2000 were curated by Julio Sanz Vázquez, born 1965, an electroacoustic music teacher and activist associated with the Gabinete de Música Electroacústica (GME), founded in Cuenca, Spain, 1983. The series combined young composers with mature forerunners of Spanish electroacoustic music. The first volume, for instance, was dedicated to Chilean composer Gabriel Brncic (born 1942), who moved to Barcelona in 1974 and joined the Phonos Electronic Music Studio founded there by Andrés Lewin-Richter (born 1937), one of the pioneers of Spanish electroacoustic music along Eduardo Polonio (born 1941). Lewin-Richter‘s brilliant Homenaje A Zinovieff, included in this compilation, is based on samples from Peter Zinovieff’s EMS Synthi 100, reconfigured into a digital, electroacoustic étude. Generally speaking, composers on this disc make a restrained use of electronics, underplaying the technology at hand in favour of timbral nuances and sonic poetry. If this is any indication, none of these tracks could serve as demonstration for a recording studio or specific synth.

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01 Javier Aguilar Saavedra La Chimenea Del Absurdo (1:28)
02 Antonio Alcázar Arnanda Letanía (3:07)
03 Alejandro Arteaga Temenos (6:43)
04 Anna Bofill Punto Y Seguido (5:33)
05 Alfonso García De La Torre Ósmosis (5:23)
06 Juan Antonio Lleó Em@ilgrations (8:05)
07 Gonzalo García Santos En Tuba Dos (3:25)
08 Gregorio Jimenez Payá El Sueño De Isis (7:47)
09 Daniel Kientzy / Reina Portuondo Miniature n°2 (1:03)
10 Andrés Lewin-Richter Homenaje A Zinovieff (8:17)
11 Carlos Lupprian Del Portillo Naturaleza Muerta (5:14)
12 Joaquín Medina Villena / Manuel Lorente Delirio (4:47)
13 Pedro Mombiedo Sandoval Piezas (4:31)
14 Joan Antoni Moreno Preludio III (3:12)
15 Eduardo Polonio LP (5:22)

Total time 73:54
CD released by Asociación Avadi, Cuenca, Spain, 1999


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  1. 1 aboombong August 28, 2010 at 3:37 pm

    Particularly excited about this one. Thanks as always.
    Cheers (^_^)

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