Spiral #08 – December 1989

Spiral #8 cover
Spiral #8 info
Peter Hübner

In the late 1980s, German Alfred Tils was Peter Hübner‘s publisher and promoter at a time when the latter was composing electronic music with the aim to “restore natural order in German musical life” (release notes for Signs of Times symphony, from website), as well as developing personal theories on sound healing and  – what is known today as – chronomedicine. Hübner (pictured above) claims his Köln electronic music studio, named Micro Music Laboratories [+], was the first of its kind in Germany in 1968. Tils says it has been sat up with advice from Herbert Eimert himself. A tireless polymath, Hübner wrote innumerable operas and symphonies he mostly recorded himself on synthesizers and self-released on his own label, Dissonance in Excellence. He also produces various kinds of healing music, like his exquisite music to cure headaches 10CD-series. In this lengthy interview, Tils introduces the life and theories of Hübner on music composition, sounds physiological effects and music therapy. Hübner quickly grasped the digital revolution in his studio and record releases and, says Tils, no less than 10 CDs were already published as early as 1989.

On the B-side, one Johannes Isings discloses the potential of certain crystals to readjust the human body’s electromagnetic field. The last track is tetraplegic Frank Moore‘s tentative cover of a Cher song. Note at this point, Andrew McKenzie had all but completely disappeared from Spiral cassettes.

Thanks to anonymous reader for the rip.

01 Alfred Tils The Life of Peter Hübner (45:46)
02 Johannes Isings Interview (41:23)
03 Frank Moore I Got You Babe (reprise) (3:10)

Total time 90mns
Cassette released by Spiral Information Service, Amsterdam, 1989


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