La Funcion De Repulsa ‘Avzurdohs Momentoz Wnykoz’

Avzurdohs Momentoz Wnykoz cassette cover
Avzurdohs Momentoz Wnykoz side A
Avzurdohs Momentoz Wnykoz side B
The Genital Production team

Mexican experimental collective La Función De Repulsa started activities in 1986 as the trio of  Genital Production founder Juan Antonio Rotuno Espino, Gustavo Hernández and Luis Alberto Partida (from Humus). At the time of their 3rd cassette, Avzurdohs Momentoz Wnykoz, 1991, the band was augmented by Hugo Cedillo and Manuel Partida (also from Humus and El Experimento de Cuca). Their style goes all the way from found sounds to group improvisation, from collective chantings to sound collage, from new-wave with Gothic touches to fake ethnic, from drum machine barrage to sheer noise. Far from being patchwork, their influences and musical fancies somewhat coalesce into a dense and inspired vision, yet unmistakably Mexican. The cassette, limited to 100 copies, comes in a hand-made, oversized cover with colourful xeroxed graphics. My copy is wraped in a plastic bag from a local book store.

Avzurdohs Momentoz Wnykoz:
01 Side 1 (30:15)
02 Side 2 (30:17)

Juan Antonio Rotuno Espino, vocals, bass, guitar, noise
Gustavo Hernández, vocals, percussion, synth, noise, bass
Luis Alberto Partida, synth, samples, noises
Hugo Cedillo, guitar, keyboards, percussion, sound effects
Manuel Partida, drums, keyboards

Total time 60:32
Cassette released by Genital Production, Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico, 1991


La Función De Repulsa discography:
1990 Estro, cassette, no label, Mexico
1991 Amor Es, cassette, Genital Productions (GP), Mexico
1991 Avzurdohs Momentoz Wnykoz, cassette, GP
1992 Engaños Subliminales, cassette, GP
1993 No Objetivo, with LAPM, cassette, Dark Side, Mexico
1994 Sácalo y Enséñalo, CD, GP
1996 PaOuSdTiAoL, cassette, GP
1999 Homo+Chip, CD, GP
2000 SoFuckHate the System, cassette, Bizarre Audio Arts, Ecuador
2002 SoFuckHate the System, CD, GP
2003 Cheapest Electronics at the Service of Destruction, CD, GP
2006 LFDR+0000=2.630, CD, Bizarre Audio Arts, Ecuador

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  1. 1 The Electric Panther February 10, 2011 at 12:39 am

    Thank you for uploading this!

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