Spiral #7 – November 1989

Spiral #7 cover
Spiral #7 tracklist
Trepanation game
Bart HugesMacrobiotic diet

Willem, what happened? This issue of Spiral is the most boring of the entire series! I suspect you focused too much on freaks and gurus here and, sadly, Andrew McKenzie is nowhere to be found. Indeed, Spiral #7 offers more of Willem De Ridder‘s obsessions with alternative ways of living and life-enhancing techniques, not tot mention make-believe sound art. The so-called Dutch Singing Parrot of track #1 sounds like a regular opera singer to these ears, especially since the piano is playing so loudly the singer has to struggle being heard at all. This “parrot” must have pretty large lungs, you would think. Dutch maverick Bart Huges (1934-2004) was one of the champions of trepanation, a practice with many followers over the world, the internet shows. Through a marijuana-induced vision in 1964, Huges discovered the Mechanism of Brain Blood Volume, which he theorized in a scroll. See also this 1967 interview here. Japanese George Oshawa (1893-1966) was the theoretician of the macrobiotics diet, based on cereals, vegetables and fruits, and stressing the importance of less processed food. I don’t understand anything to his interview here.

Thanks to anonymous reader for the rip.

01 Dutch Singing Parrot – Sound document (3:49)
02 Bart Huges – Interview (22:16)
03 George Oshawa – Interview (6:48)
04 The Sun – Archive document (13:03)
05 Arnaud – Interview (45:21)

Total time 90mn
Cassette released by Spiral Information Service, Amsterdam, 1989


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