Various ‘Annual Jissom 90’

Annual Jissom 90 cover
Diz Willis (left) and friends

Somewhat unexpectedly, readers by the hundreds have been brave enough to download Annual Jissom 1988 (posted earlier on the blog) – more than 600 downloads, apparently. Annual Jissom was a series of compilation cassettes published by Davy Walklett (aka Milovan Srdenovic) between 1988-90, possibly the busiest period in his life, as he simultaneously launched the Stinky Horse Fuck label, the first Smell & Quim cassettes, as well as his own solo projects. A.J.‘s first issue appeared in 1988, and here is today the 2nd A.J. episode, published 1990. Usual suspects of the S&Q galaxy appear on many a track (Swing Jugend was a S&Q member, The Bubbleheads was a band Srdenovic was in, and GTOG was one of his many aliases), but several outsiders also made it to the final tracklist, most surprisingly Christophe Petchanatz’s Klimperei toy piano miniatures. Consequently, the tape offers a nice selection of music, more apporachable than anything else on Stinky Horse Fuck. The variety on offer here includes the great minimal synth song The Unconscious Life by Milovan and Jar (after Peter Hammill’s song), an amiable Smell & Quim track, the Bob Dylan impersonation of David Glynn Jones, the strange Mobile Phone Numbers read by J. Shrimping, the wonderful ambient electronic tracks of P(delta)3, among various hometaping experiments. Two tracks are excerpted from Belgian label Corrosive Tapes releases, Radio Diffusor Maracaibo and Maxa (Black Rubbish). Cover hum… art by Diz Willis. Photo from Diz Willis’ MySpace page.

AJ 90 tracklist

01 P(delta)3 Parallel Resonance (6:25)
02 David Glynn Jones On the Grassy Knoll (6:17)
03 Now Placebo (1:12)
04 Now Interaction (2:08)
05 J. Shrimping Mobile Phone Numbers #1 (1:45)
06 The Bubbleheads Theme Tune (Hey, Hey, We’re The …) (:36)
07 The Bubbleheads Hassan Et Omar (Hubble Bubble) (7:17)
08 Milovan and Jar The Unconscious Life (2:57)
09 Smell and Quim Skunk Pussy (10:45)
10 Klimperei Attendre Le Jour (1:34)
11 Klimperei Song for Mr. Charles (1:38)
12 J. Shrimping Mobile Phone Numbers #2 (5:22)
13 P(delta)3 Inductive Reactance (5:45)
14 G.T.O.G. Mmmff Ha Ha Oomf Hee Hee (3:33)
15 Ken Kersley Bitching (1:33)
16 Swing Jugend On the Morning Following Correction (1:23)
17 Swing Jugend Happy Dancer (:08)
18 Tom Ato I Wandered Lonely As A Psychopath (2:00)
19 Art Raid and The Fallouts Elementary Shrapnel #1-4 (4:59)
20 David Glynn Jones Marlene On The Wall (4:30)
21 Radio Diffusor Maracaibo Schlagwerk (1:57)
22 Maxa (Black Rubbish) Free Mason Dub (4:50)
23 The Marx Chapman Experience Penis Halves (1:33)
24 Sutcliffe Rubber Charenton (4:02)
25 G.T.O.G. Chocolate Spaceman (6:05)
26 Klimperei Si tu Dors (1:07)
27 Tom Ato Money, Hardcore, Luxury (4:18)

Total time 90mns
Cassette released by The Davy Walklett Institute, UK, 1990


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