BogArt ‘Sounds of a Sculpture’

Sounds of a Sculpture LP box set
Sounds of a Sculpture LP box set
Sounds of a Sculpture side I
Mac Whitney's ConCan sculpture
Sounds of a Sculpture info sheet

Berlin percussionist Hubert Haverkamp, aka BogArt, was a familiar name in the post-Industrial German DIY network of the 1980s, being a cassette label, artist name and later a Berlin record shop (more info on Nostalgie de la Boue blog). Sounds of a Sculpture was BogArt’s unique LP, released by Berlin gallery Kunsthaus am Moritzplatz for the launch of US sculptor Mac Whitney‘s exhibition there in 1989. Known for his outdoor steel sculptures adorning various Texan towns, Mac Whitney, born 1936, released a special, on site work for his Berlin exhibition, a steel sculpture titled ConCan (see b&w picture and record cover). As it were, the special LP box set, complete with artists’ bio and statement, was used as the catalogue to the exhibition. BogArt sampled various sounds from the sculpture and reconfigured them in the studio. Far from sounding artificial or electronic, the music BogArt created reveals the sculpture’s sonic potential and resonating properties, its rich textures and sonic harmonics. Granted, the sounds have been electronically treated and distorted in various ways, but some of the sculpture’s sonic identity has been preserved, one assume – what Austrian writer Elfride Jelinek calls “Bis zur Kenntlichkeit entstellen” or: To distort to the point of recognition (in Revue des Deux Mondes, France, February 2007). Sonically, Sounds of a Sculpture sits between some of Z’ev’s more ambient efforts and Harry Bertoia’s own sound sculptures. Thanks to Hubert for permission and information.

01 Sounds of a Sculpture I (16:54)
02 Sounds of a Sculpture II (6:29)

Total time 23:23
LP released by Kunsthaus am Moritzplatz gallery, Berlin, 1989


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