La Fura Dels Baus ‘ERG’

La Fura Dels Baus ERG front cover
ERG cara A
ERG inlay picture
La Fura Dels Baus ERG back cover

The first two La Fura dels Baus LPs were derived from the group’s multimedia shows (see their 2nd, Suz, posted before). However, for ERG, their 3rd LP, published 1989, they choosed to elaborate an independent soundtrack with specific music not included in Tier Mon, their 3rd show, staged 1988. Conceived by Antúnez, Carlos Padrissa and Miki Espuma, with lyrics by Galician poet Sixto Peláez, the show, or Acción Escénica,  apparently included vivid colors, vegetables and nude bodies, nothing unusual for La Fura. The music on the disc is a highly energetic mix of powerful keyboards, intoxicating drum machine, hot saxes and trumpets a la Cuban jazz and lively, collective vocals. The LP’s artwork alone is worth the donwload.

01 Forma Animal (3:56)
02 Pulpa Pulcra (3:42)
03 Tus Labios Son Cortantes (3:58)
04 Éxtasis (1:32)
05 Las Amazonas (4;14)
06 Temi Lo Peor (3:48)
07 Amen Amor (4:04)
08 Ouou Coucou (3:32)
09 Razas Humanas (4:16)
10 Éxodo (2:54)

Total time 36:00
LP released by Virgin España, Spain, 1989


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