Various -‘Zeitklänge Electronics’

Zeitklänge Electronics LP front cover
Zeitklänge Electronics side 1
Reinhard Lakomy and family, 1987
Reinhard LakomyStern Meissen ComboWalter Kubiczeck

The Communist-ruled, East Berlin Amiga label was a branch of VEB Deutsche Schallplatten, DDR’s official state record company. Amiga published various music genres, except classical, published by Eterna, an other VEB Deutsche Schallplatten branch. The Zeitklänge Electronics compilation, published 1987, is a collection of synth-y music tracks, nicely elaborating on West Germany’s space rock and what is now known as East German Funk. Some of the composers included in Zeitklänge were or became film music composers, like Walter Kubiczeck [+] or Jürgen Ecke [+]. Electronic music composer Reinhard Lakomy [+] was also the creator of several Kinder-Hörspielen (radio plays for children). While not necessarily the best music I’ve heard in my life, Zeitklänge Electronics is fun nonetheless. Thanks to reader sto for the rip.

01 Jürgen Ecke Hayh-Hayh (4:08)
02 Wolfgang Paulke Zeitmaschine (4:29)
03 Servi Chiron (4:35)
04 Jürgen Ecke Bolero (3:43)
05 Reinhard Lakomy & Rainer Oleak Ruhezeit (5:08)
06 Stern Meissen Das Alte Schloss (4:46)
07 Pond Planetenwind (4:00)
08 Hans-Hasso Stamer Schottenrock (2:24)
09 Key Keywi (2:40)
10 Walter Kubiczeck Regenbogen (5:14)
11 Servi Leistrygonen (4:50)

Total time 45:40
LP released by Amiga, East Berlin, DDR, 1987


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