Humus ‘The Beauty of Wood’

Humus was the duo of Mexican brothers Manuel and Luis Alberto Partida from Victoria, Tamaulipas. They released their first cassette on local experimental/DIY label Genital Productions in 1991, and a CD, titled El Vaivén De Los Ciclos under the Detritus name in 1996. The Partida brothers were also members of art-punk trio La Función De Repulsa, led by Genital Production founder Juan Antonio Rotuno Espino. Manuel was also a member of El Experimento de Cuca, of wich I published a cassette before. The lugubrious and passionate electronic tracks featured on their unique cassette release as Humus fascinate by their excessive dramatization of typical Mexican Gothic moods, familiar from other Mexican bands like Las Animas. While the more ambient tracks on The Beauty of Wood reminds Zone’s 1988 Sword of the Sun and SPK’s 1986 Zamia Lehmanni, some more macho passages bring them in more industrial territory. The stunning, hand-painted cassette shells in terracotta shades add a wonderful mystical dimension.

01 El Esqueleto De La Hoja (4:4)
02 Feeding With Death (7:34)
03 Ext-D Ext (El Extasis De Mi Extincion) (6:47)
04 Romantic Fears (2:08)
05 Baba (5:48)
06 Senul Vu (The Beauty of Wood) (5:47)

Total time 32:20
Cassette released by Genital Production, ref. GEN002, Victoria, Tam., Mexico, 1991


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