Marchlevski/Np. WAT split ep

Marchlevski side front cover
Marchlevski info
Np.Wat side front cover
Np.Wat info

This 1995 ep from Obuh Records is a split release with two bands from Włocławek, Poland. Marchlevski was the solo project of Tomek Lewandowski (here with help from Grzegorz Tyszkiewicz), with several cassette releases during the 1990s. Recorded 1990, their two tracks draw on Throbbing Gristle influences to build obsessive, schizoid industrial love songs with drum machine, synth, bass and English lyrics. Np. Wat was the trio of Grzegorz Czupryniak, Piotr Ryziński and Piotr Żaglewski. Their three tracks, recorded 1988-89, are more varied and open to interpretation and include a variety of acoustic instruments like piano, accordion or violin, at times reminding some of the magical folk music of previous Obuh releases (Atman, Księżyc). Nice one.

01 I Love Your Dress, Sister! (3:50)
02 Get Off Your Toys (3:35)
03 4-Urok-B (2:00)
04 Niedziela (3:17)
05 Kornelia (1:54)

Total time 14:40
7in e.p. released by Obuh Records, Poland, 1995


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