Bad Alchemy #7

This issue of Bad Alchemy cajoles us with a choice of abstract sounds and avant rock tracks, in line with the magazine’s motto of Seltsame und Ausgewählte Klänge, or Strange and Selected Sounds, and typical from the German branch of Recommended Records, aka No Man’s Land, also from Würzburg.  In short, these are exclusive tracks by a selection of international experimenters. The topics of issue #7 more or less coincided with the release of the Island of Sanity – New Music from New York City double LP compilation in 1987, an important release which brought the NYC’s radical avant rock/improv scene to European ears (see Discogs). A review is included in BA#7, page 44. As far as I am aware of, the two John Rose violin improvisations have not been included elsewhere, though they would fit on the classic, art brut violin experiments of the Vivisection LP, published 1988 (and posted before). The Anliker+Müller duo and Nachluft contribute sound collages and assorted percussion with electronic treatment, which leads to the highlight of side one, Merzbow’s Beute for Microphysic, a brilliant musique concrète track close to the Pierre Schaeffer/Pierre Henry’s experiments of the 1950s. No noise here, just great sound collages from found objects and turntable manipulation. Des Traces was a band from Poitiers, France, with a style close to Metabolist, say. They had a  great track on the Douze Pour Un vol. 2 compilation on AYAA, also from 1987. Behind Jung Analysts and Loch Ness Monster was Terry Burrows, Hamster Records founder, UK. The magazine itself has the first part of the Radical Themes in Contemporary Music article – Part II was included in BA #8 (here). Download link comes with 56pp magazine scans. See also Bad Alchemy #4 >, #6 > and #8 >.

01 John Rose Sleepless Nights pt1 (7:46)
02 Hans Anliker & Günter Müller Mikro-cor-dial (4:02)
03 Nachtluft Glas-Raum (5:57)
04 Merzbow Beute for Microphysic (5:36)
05 Des Traces Api (4:53)
06 Elliot Sharp & Charles K. Noyes Live at Roulette (3:22)
07 Guy Klucevsek Urban Rite (2:41)
08 Jung Analysts Madame Olga (:58)
09 Jung Analysts Sullied Youth (1:02)
10 Jung Analysts Jetzt sagt Jackie Charlton (2:02)
11 Loch Ness Monster I’ve Got This Thing (6:03)
12 John Rose Sleepless Nights pt2 (2:47)
13 H.N.A.S. Präludium zu “Viel Spaß auf dem Sofa” (0:07)

Total time 47:10
Magazine+k7 released by Rigobert Dittman, Würzburg, Germany, 1987


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