Violence And The Sacred ‘Teddy Died (Sincerity)’

Teddy Died (Sincerity) cassette front picture
Teddy Died (Sincerity) info
Graham Stewart (cello) with Ted Wheeler (guitar)
The Foufounes Electriques venue, Montreal

There were different incarnations of Violence And The Sacred between 1985 and 1995, from simple duo to big band. This cassette is a recording from the so called ‘quartet’ version, ie: three musicians on stage (Sri, Ted Wheeler and Graham Stewart) and pre-recorded readings by St. Deborah (from the Song of (Prophetess Saint) Deborah, Judges, 5:1-31, one of the oldest passage of the Bible – 12th c. BC). Recorded live at Foufounes Electriques, Montréal [+], November 25, 1986, Teddy Died (Sincerity) is a dense, chaotic affair where abstract electrified cello interjections blends nicely, if pleasantly, with lacerating guitar improvisations and synth’s uneasy lashes of sounds. Avoiding identifiable patterns or gimmicks, the performance favors abstract soundscapes expertly complimented by Sri’s found sounds and samples, plus the inimitable voice of St. Deborah reading from anthropological literature, including excerpts on Gender Shift Effect or animal and child’s sexuality. As far as I understand, Teddy Bear is intended as a kind of Ceremony of Innocence (from Britten’s opera The Turn of the Screw, 1954), and the group’s anticipation of music’s coming of age. Factual info from VATS’ official website.
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Teddy Died (Sincerety):
01 Side 1 (14:21)
02 Side 2 (14:00)

Sri: synth/sampler, drum machine, tapes
Ted Wheeler: guitar, tapes
Graham Stewart: electric cello, Korg MS-20, tapes
St. Deborah: reading

Total time 28:21
Cassette released by SSS Productions, USA, 1988


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2 Responses to “Violence And The Sacred ‘Teddy Died (Sincerity)’”

  1. 1 twinkle March 22, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    Great to hear. Thanxs. I lost touch with them after Violence and The Sacred Teddy Bear Stinks Real Bad Now (Excerpt) on Tellus #20 Media Myth

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