Vítor Rua et al. ‘Vidya’

Vidya LP front cover
Vidya LP liner notes
Vidya LP lside B

Portuguese guitarist Vítor Manuel Ferreira Rua (born 1961) started his career in the late 1970s playing with folk bands, before joining new wave band Grupo Novo Rock (GNR) in 1980. He created improv/drone duo Telectu in 1982 with Jorge Lima Barreto (born 1949) and since then devoted his carreer to experimental/contemporary music and multimedia projects. During the 1970s, Barreto used to play in AnarBand along bassist Saheb Sarbib, who plays clarinet on this record. During the 1980s and 1990s, Telectu members have played with innumerable US and European improvisers, some of which feature on ‘Vidya’. The LP also includes members of obscure Portuguese bands D.W. Art (António Duarte+Mané), Duplex Longa (Carlos Raimundo+Mário Jorge Resende) or Patasound, as well as Osso Exótico (David Maranha+Bernardo Devlin), appearing in various configurations.

Vítor RuaMore than a mere anthology of improvisations, Vidya is a large collage of music lifted from innumerable improvisations and studio sessions, encompassing various styles like tape collage, found sounds, minimalism, drone, guitar solos, electroacoustic & improvised music, etc. The whole concept is brilliantly realized by Rua (with technical help from Nuno Rebelo) and the result clearly amounts to more than the sum of its parts. Hard to categorize, Vidya is a masterpiece of sound experimentalism and studio montage.

Side 1 (26:30)
01 Vítor Rua+Luis Carlos (1:08)
02 Vítor Rua (2:00)
03 Telectu+Elliott Sharp (7:22)
04 Saheb Sarbib (1:45)
05 Telectu (5:00)
06 Telectu+Carlos Zingaro (5:00)
07 Vítor Rua+Nuno Rebelo (1:30)
08 Miguel Azguime (2:30)
09 Vítor Rua+Paulo Eno (1:00)

Side 2 (28:30)
10 Vítor Rua+Miguel Megre+Rui Azul+Nuno Rebelo (5:23)
11 Vítor Rua+João Peste (3:00)
12 Vítor Rua+Sei Miguel+Luis Desirat+Rodrigo Almado+Fala Mariam+Osso Exótico+Nuno Rebelo (4:40)
13 Vítor Rua+Nuno Rebelo+Rafael Toral+Bruno Rascao+João Paulo Feliciano (3:25)
14 Vítor Rua+Tózé Ferreira (4:30)
15 Vítor Rua+Nuno Rebelo (2:27)
16 Luis Desirat (0:30)
17 Vítor Rua+Duplex Longa (2:00)
18 D.W. Art (0:45)
19 Vítor Rua (3:30)

Total time 55:00
LP released by Potlatch, Lisboa, Portugal, 1991

Download Option 1 / Option 2


2 Responses to “Vítor Rua et al. ‘Vidya’”

  1. 1 Marcus Staniec March 10, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    Loving this one.
    Can’t get enough of these sound collages mixed with various unique and strange music.
    An amazing find!

  2. 2 continuo March 10, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    Ditto, Marcus. This one really stands out in this genre, like the Biota LPs and the Johnny Blue compilations. Thanks for dropping by.

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