Patrice Sciortino ‘Les Cyclopes’

Patrice Sciortino 'Les Cyclopes' LP front
Patrice Sciortino 'Les Cyclopes' LP back cover'Hidden Rites', staged by the Alvin Alley dance company, 1973

French composer born 1922, Patrice Sciortino briefly studied at Pierre Schaeffer’s GRM, before turning to stage music and library music during the 1960s. In the 1970s and 80s, he composed for symphonic orchestra, choir and chamber ensemble.
Patrice SciortinoPublished 1967, ‘Les Cyclopes’, his first official release, merges two of Sciortino’s passions at the time: ethnic music and studio re-creation of plausible imaginary folklore. Published by Disques André Charlin, a French audiophile company, ‘Les Cyclopes’ is a suite for assorted percussion instruments written for 8 percussionists and a bass player. Percussionists include French stalwarts Bernard Lubat, who played with Jef Gilson and Michel Portal, and Diego Masson, a close Pierre Boulez associate and Stockhausen interpret (he premiered Stop in 1969). Some of Les Cyclopes‘ other interprets played on Michel Colombier ‘Wings’ (1971) or with French singer Barbara. In 1973, the Alvin Ailey Company staged Hidden Rites, a choregraphy with music from Les Cyclopes – love the Rites of Spring reference!. Another Patrice Sciortino’s LP has been posted by The Library Hunt.

Serge Depannemacker
Yves Lestang
Bernard Lubat
Michel Lorin
Gerard Perotin
Diego Masson
J.-Ch. François
R. Solat
+ Willy Lockwood, double bass

01 Etincelle (2:00)
02 Berceuse du Soleil (2:36)
03 Mythes et Masques (4:57)
04 Ventre et Seigneur (2:45)
05 Noces de l’Eau et du Feu (3:39)
06 Grande Chasse (2:10)
07 Struction (3:14)
08 Cristaux (2:43)
09 Odeur d’Ombre (2:35)
10 Rhytmétis (2:54)
11 Black U.S. (2:11)
12 Lumières de la Nuit (2:21)
13 Cosmophonie (4:44)

Total time 38:40
LP released by Disques André Charlin, France, 1967



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