Rock Feller e.p.

Rock Feller e.p. front cover
Rock Feller logo on side A

Rock Feller was a legendary mysterious French band masquerading as a trio while actually a one-man affair led by Mister Bruno Chapoutot (aka Dorian Feller aka Jerry Goal aka Brodé Tango) on guitar, bass, keyboards, drumbox, vocals, with occasional help from a Joss Mandal on drums (thanks Romain!). The second A.A.A. release and unique Rock Feller disc is closer to Brodé Tango and Look de Bouk than Germain Hubert Ales.The only info comes from a pink card inserted in the front cover (scans included in the archive). The Rock Feller ep consists of short songs based on guitar and bass with drums or drumbox and occasional synth (on #5 Skins of Tigers). The versatile drummer at times complement Feller’s songs with a refreshing, reggae touch. Awkward and naive English lyrics add the final touch to a delicious disc whose charm lies in its very personal take on Ptôse and Snakefinger influences.

Rock Feller self-titled e.p.

01 I see you (4:57)
02 Seventh (3:23)
03 P. Green Pepper (2:23)
04 You’re Not Invited (2:47)
05 Skins of Tigers (3:43)
06 Ancient – part one (1:47)

Total time 19:00
12” ep released by A.A.A., France, 1983


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Rock Feller member Brodé Tango has a new solo CD out. It’s called ‘Drôle de Bobine’ and is in the same mood as the Brodé Tango cassette listed above. Email:
pol.dodu [at] wanadoo [dot] fr

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