François Banholzer ‘Onion and Day-Dreamed Love’

'Onion and Day-Dreamed Love' front cover
François Banholzer painting'Onion and Day-Dreamed Love' side A

01 Almost (:51)
02 A Light In The Upper Room (2:59)
03 Star-Spangled Mind (3:17)
04 P.E.A. (1:13)
05 The Gentle Guy (3:48)
06 Phantoms And Their Shadows (4:30)
07 Yellow Pants, Blue Boots (:32)
08 Wondering (4:11)
09 Onions And Day-Dreamed Love (2:43)
10 Day-Glo Colors (3:10)
11 The Lemon Sheen Of Electric Light (3:38)
12 Fridge And Stew-Pan (:39)
13 This Is Heaven (3:25)
14 Onions Give Flowers (4:40)
15 Candies And Holocaust Parade (2:36)

Total time 42:05
Self released cassette, France, 1989

François Banholzer‘s second tape after his amazing A trip to heave and ho, up, down, to and fro, posted last year, Onion and Day-Dreamed Love is even more song-oriented and psychedelic, while Banholzer’s songwriting skills have dramatically improved. This collection of exquisite and haunting songs sounds more professional and the cassette as a whole is homogenous and consistent, thanks perhaps to Fabrice Janicaud and Patrick Kollender’s efficient production work.  The Psychedelic influences re-emerge as Banholzer’s own take on Psychedelism-cum-Melancholy, a bit like a mix between Syd Barrett and Marguerite Duras, if one can figure that out.



3 Responses to “François Banholzer ‘Onion and Day-Dreamed Love’”

  1. 1 Josefo malatrova December 30, 2009 at 12:40 pm

    hey , im got 19 year and im from mexico and i just want to give you thanks for teaching me so marvelous music , my mail is interstellar_dobro [at] hotmail if you wanna talk, because the music you post here is really other thing and could be good if you wanna explain it to me

  2. 2 continuo December 30, 2009 at 12:50 pm

    Gracias, Josefo. Unfortunately, I talk a lot on this blog already and don’t have much free time to talk with you personally. But reading other mp3 blogs in addition to Continuo will teach you many things on unusual music. Feel free to visit fellow bloggers listed on the side bar.

  3. 3 sdf November 27, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    the links are dead now.

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