Various ‘The Memorial Elvis Project’

'The Memorial Elvis Project' front coverFold out poster w/ Bruno Richard drawings'The Memorial Elvis Project' CD'The Memorial Elvis Project' credits

01 Elève Modèle You Take My Heart Forever (:17)
02 H.N.A.S. Ku-u-i-pd (3:19)
03 Asmus Tietchens Charisma Perdu (3:39)
04 La Sonorité Jaune Fatarnt (3:36)
05 Psyclones Hound Dog (4:06)
06 Bene Gesserit Love Me Tender (version courte) (:33)
07 Duck and Cover in a Psylobottle s/t (2:41)
08 Laurent Pernice Le Lys se prive (3:00)

Total time 21:20
CD released by Odd Size, Paris, France, 1992

The first CD to appear on Laurent Perrier’s legendary Odd Size label, The Memorial Elvis Project was both a sum up of previous endeavors and an announcement of future projects, for it included the German musicians Perrier had been championing for years during the 1980s in his Parisian record shop and mail order activities (H.N.A.S. and Asmus Tietchens), as well as the French post-Industrial clique Perrier was associated to (namely, Pacific 231 and Vox Populi on #7, La Sonorité Jaune and Laurent Pernice ; Perrier himself appears here as Elève Modèle). If memory serves well, the Elvis Project was intended as a double-7” single and was several years in the making. When Perrier decided for CD, he kept the 7” format for the cover, a fold-out poster with drawings by Bruno Richard, publisher of Elles Sont De Sortie journal. In any case, this disc caused quite a stir when it was released, for at the time there were not so many independent labels in France that had CDs out. But most of all, the music was powerful, all artists sharing the same vision of a zombified, Punk-ish Presley, still shaking his dirty paws in rhythm, though. Great tracks that still fascinate today. Download link comes with poster photos and scans of the rest, including printed, Debord-ian manifest.



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