Various ‘Créer le Monde ou le Détruire’

'Créer le Monde ou le Détruire' bookletSide 1Side 2Graphics by Dark Star

01 A. D. Eker Ain’t That Funny (4:51)
02 Adamczyk Psychologue Cités (3:56)
03 The Drum Fondu Too Much Smog (4:02)
04 Andreas Bick Pinke Zweimal (3:35)
05 Brume Armaghedon (3:48)
06 Mike Shannon Und (5:18)
07 Daas Thar (4:37)
08 La Contrariante Une Journée Bête (2:16)
09 Jeremy Clarke The Mad Man (2:13)
10 Wunderlich Ausgang Défaillances (7:19)
11 Charles Rice Goff III People Make the World Go Round (5:32)
12 Voodoo Muzak Blood, Meat & Flesh (5:11)
13 Rwa Différemment (2:00)
14 In Zhe Gaza Megakitsch Smash (2:10)
15 Dark Star Disaster Area II (4:48)

Total time 60:00
Cassette released by Ensemble Vide, Bordeaux, France, 1992

Radio host and writer Laurent Boyer created his Ensemble Vide Editions imprint in the late 1980s in Bordeaux to release zines, journals, chap books and cassettes. During the mid-1990s, he was the editor of Hello Happy Taxpayers magazine and ran various shows on local radio, including ‘La Vie au Grand Hertz’ and ‘La Bouche’ shows. On Ensemble Vide, he published rare writings by Stendhal, Céline, De Sade or Noam Chomsky, but also translations of Joy Divison’s lyrics [+]. Through a large network, he had connections with many bad boys of the French underground, such as controversial mail artist and collagist Philippe Pissier or scatological songwriter Jean-Louis Costes, but also with people abroad like Lloyd Dunn of Photostatic fame. ‘Créer le Monde ou le Détruire’ (for Create the World or Destroy It, after Cioran) is an international compilation of artists Boyer used to play in his radio shows and got connected with through mail. As this compilation tape also illustrates, Boyer was fond of Nihilist writers like E.M. Cioran, Nietzsche or Céline, a fondness he associated with uncompromising music and grating sounds. Most artists here contribute songs in one form or another, often with heavy-handed drum machine (like opener killer track by A. D. Eker aka De Fabriek), some with acoustic guitar and vocals (like the extraordinary Jeremy Clark song), some with elaborate synth programing (Wunderlich Ausgang). There’s also a bunch of experimental tracks in rapid succession by Brume, Mike Shannon and Daas. Download link includes 20pp booklet scans.

Download via DP, MU or ZS

2 Responses to “Various ‘Créer le Monde ou le Détruire’”

  1. 1 Begrave November 23, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    Thank you very much for this music.
    Have a question.. Can be bitrate highest?
    Sorry for caprice

  2. 2 continuo November 23, 2009 at 8:44 pm

    I’ll consider this for future posts, Begrave. Nowadays, download services tolerate 150-300Mb and most readers have high speed internet. It would make sense to increase the bitrate, then. I’m not sure it makes sense for cassette rips, though. Can you really notice the difference amid the tape hiss?

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