Raymond Boni ‘Rêve en Couleurs’

'Rêve en Couleurs' front cover'Rêve en Couleurs' side A'Rêve en Couleurs' side B'Rêve en Couleurs' back cover

01 Chanson pour Indio (7:43)
02 Thème Imaginaire (5:57)
03 Les Clowns (4:35)
04 Tu viens Bastien (1:06)
05 Rêve en Couleurs – side B (19:25)
– Face au Soleil Couchant (0:00 ~5:32)
– Invitation au Rêve (~5:32 ~14:06)
– Rêve en Couleurs (~14:06 ~19:25)

Total time 38:40
LP released by Palm, France, 1976

French guitarist Raymond Boni (b. 1947) is known for his various partnerships with leaders of the European improvisation scene (André Jaume, Claude Bernard, Gérard Marais, Joe McPhee, Terry Day), and released only a handful of solo albums, of which this is the 2nd, after 1971’s L’Oiseau, l’Arbre, le Béton on Futura Records. Raymond Boni famously played his guitar with typical Flamenco technique and gestures, while playing his own take on radical Free Improvisation. Boni plays 2 kinds of guitars on this LP: an acoustic Carbonell model, the brand used by Django Reinhardt and typical from other Gypsy guitar players ; and an electric Jacobacci model, probably a Gimenes from the 1960s (it’s the one shown on the back cover above). He’s heard mostly on electric guitar on side A, using a lot of effect pedals and re-recording. The music is based on virtuoso technique and a quest for unusual sounds. He’s consciously playing like no one else at the time, his strange, angular chords grounded deep in dream and humanity. Side B is a Suite dedicated to Dream (Rêve) with interwoven tracks, alternatively on acoustic and electric guitars. The somnambulist guitar playing on the longest track, Invitation au Rêve, is an apt evocation of dream, a lucid-dream-cum-improvisation on slow mode and a lot of delay+reverb effects. Sounds like sleepwalking guitar playing at times, to this listener.


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